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Colorbox Quilt

In early March, Ali sent me a link from Missouri Star Quilt Co. to a quilt that she ran across and really liked. I did a little research and discovered that it was a Modern Background Colorbox Fog Cheater Quilt Panel by Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics.


That is a mouthful. But "CHEATER QUILT PANEL" stood out to me. I had never heard that term before and I was intrigued! I liked the design, too and thought it would be cute for the baby, plus the design seemed perfect for trying out some hand quilting.



I'd have preferred to buy the materials locally and I tried, but more than one local quilt shop turned up their nose, with remarks, at my inquiring about the availability of this panel. Is that from Pinterest? Do you know how many designs there are? We can't possibly carry them all...



Um. OK. Sorry? Obviously, they weren't interested in pursuing any further to help me out or in a special order.

So, naturally, I ordered it online!


I also ordered cotton batting and backing fabric, though that turned out to be the wrong color -- which is the downside of ordering online. I consulted with Ali & her friend Kristin and even though they thought it would be "okay," ugh... I just couldn't do it! It was just too bright. So, I ordered more. It was a little easier to determine the subtleties of coordinating fabric colors at Fat Quarter Shop and I spent a lot of time consulting both websites to find one that I really liked.

I was nervous that the backing wasn't going to be wide enough, so added that little strip of batik... turns out I needn't have worried.


Waiting for the new & improved backing fabric to arrive gave me time to take the "cheater" panel to Joann's to pick out some colorful thread. I chose five colors of Gütermann 100% Cotton Quilting Thread.


I may not have cut & pieced it, but I made my first whole cloth quilt... and I did it by hand! Except for the binding -- I made my own bias tape and bound the quilt by machine. It took about 6 weeks, start to finish. I sort of free-styled the individual motifs, working each one pretty much the same... but different. I think it works. The back isn't quite as gorgeous as the front, but it's okay and I think it works, too.


I tired of it near the end, mainly because there are SO.MANY.OTHER.THINGS and SPRING!!


It really was a lot of fun, I learned a lot, and I have much more confidence now to tackle & finish the vintage (?) log cabin piece that I inherited from my mom.

Do we need any more photos?? Haha. Sorry, I got a little carried away...



Wow! I love it Vicki! It turned out beautifully!


I love the fabrics you've chosen and the overall design of vintage modern. Also, that you hand quilted it which is something that I also love to do as I find it calming and peaceful. I've made a quilt for each of my 3 grandchildren called 100 Good Wishes Quilts to celebrate their adoption. Friends and family are invited to send small squares of fabric and a good wish (on a card) which my daughter made into a memory book for each child. I did the quilts. The challenge is to use a variety of fabrics in ways other than just a square which I've successfully done because the internet has so many interesting ideas.


What a wonderful quilt! I love the back with the batik strip, and your creative quilting. I don't see anything that looks like "cheating", but a beautiful quilt made with love for Malina. More photos of something this lovely are always welcome!


Cheater quilting panels need a new name! Maybe shortcut, but not CHEATER as there is still a whole lot of work to make it into a quilt. My sister made one for me that I think is just perfectly beautiful. Do local places not realize how much competition there is with on-line businesses? I LOVE all the photos! We really get a sense of the all the work you did! Looks like you had fun, too!


I think it's great! I've done a lot of quilting but never whole cloth and never exclusively by hand - go you! Also, quilt shops are not always very helpful. Not sure why that is but there you go.


I love this quilt! It’s a ton of work to do all that hand quilting. Great job.


It is just charming, Vicki! I love it. The colors, the quirky and fun designs, the colors! Did I mention the colors??? :-) How big is it? Is it crib size? Or even bigger?
(My local yarn shop has the attitude you encountered in your local fabric shop. So tedious and unnecessary.) (Also why I usually shop for yarn online.)


I love it too! And really no problem at all with more photos as it is simply beautiful. Also pretty sure it will be cherished and loved for years to come.


I love this!!!

Julia in kw

It is beautiful! Something to cherish!


It's beautiful! and I don't think there's anything remotely "cheating" about any of it. The hand-stitching is a true work of art, the colors are fun and it looks big enough to keep Malina "in quilt" her whole life. woohoo for the little one who gets to enjoy it ... and her mama who appreciates every single stitch of it! and YAY YOU!


That is really pretty. Quilting in one of those things I've wanted to learn for years and years and just never try, along with canning, sewing, etc. I had a similar experience with 2 LYS when looking for specific yarn for a project. I ended up with a different weight and more than double what it called for and couldn't make it work. At least we have the option of finding stuff online. :-)


I love your quilt. I had to look up the term “cheater quilt.” What an awful name for a beautiful product. I agree with the others about all of the work you put into it. The result is gorgeous. I love the colors and the crisp clean look of it. Job well done! I could look at even more photos. 😉 Don’t ever apologize for photos! Like the quilt your photos are always gorgeous, too. Happy Spring.

Robin F

Cheater panels are totally acceptable. Especially when you quilt them so beautifully. Malina will hug you everytime she uses it. Did you put a label on it? You can print them on your computer on to muslin.


Malina's quilt turned out so beautifully Vicki - great job! Love all your hand quilting (I would imagine that could be meditative in a way?), love all the colors in the quilt (!!!) and especially love that it does not have to be a "baby" quilt - it is a gift that Malina will enjoy and love her entire life. How lucky she is!

Robby H.

You did a fabulous job on a quilt that does not look like it "cheated" anywhere. Maybe they need to rename them something like, "Cut to the Quilting" panels or "express" panels. Although I realize 6 weeks doesn't feel very express unless you've pieced one. It is helpful to try to find a matching backing by looking at fabrics by the same manufacturer sometimes. But online is a bit dicey, and I have that experience picking out yarn online, too. It might be perfectly beautiful, but not what I expected.


So cute! I am having to restrain myself from running out to buy something similar. :)


WOW! That is absolutely beautiful. What a treasure. Years ago my mom and I were in a yarn store (where your quilt ladies must have worked before - hah!) and my mom looked at me and said within earshot...Let's go Patty...they don't want your business. How I loved that day! You should be so proud!


That quilt is adorable, and it looks like it was so much fun to make. Go, you!

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