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Mothers Day

Cheers! The gang's all here!!


Kate & I motored to Chicago on Thursday to pick up Madeleine -- originally due at 11:59 pm, she missed a connection before even leaving NZ and yet somehow arrived almost 6 hours early! Thankfully, we were already down there and she didn't have to wait too long. But that's a trip/story for another day! The gist of it is, Maddy's home!


I made it a point to grab my camera and take some photos! Rusty, too!

We even tried recreating a few old photos, some with more success...


...than others!


There's a photo (which I can't find at the moment) of my sisters & I successfully holding our mother in the manner that you can see attempted above. My brother was there, too, but it was after his traumatic car accident and there's no way he could risk it. Anyway, the girls suggested we try it... I never got my right foot off the ground and the only way this might have even remotely worked is if there was no laughing! As it is, it's a pretty awesome photograph and I think I like it even better.


Maddy met Malina for the first time!


Seven weeks old, she's really starting to fill out!


The big kids have discovered some of my shawls!


We had a terrific get together yesterday. A hot dog roast, brats on the grill, this year's favorite salad, along with a few from the deli, and ice cream sandwiches for dessert!


I got a bottle of new-to-me gin to try and some really great cards. It was just about as perfect as a day can be.



Your photos absolutely show that it was a practically perfect day! I love seeing all the girls together, too much laughing to lift you up, and those adorable big kids and sweet Malina. Your family is lucky that you can often get together like that and enjoy each other's company, and all the smiles and laughter show just how much you truly do have fun together. Thanks for sharing!


What a wonderful day. So much love and laughter there! I've got to make sure that camera of mine comes on vacation so I can capture some real shots when Dan is home. Pictures like those make me a bit sad I don't have a sister!


Oh, Vicki! How wonderful! I just love seeing all the girls together . . . and with you and with Rusty. And the big kids! And the baby! (Oh, that sweet little baby!) I don't think you could special-order a more perfect Mother's Day. XOXO


What joy bursting out from all these photos! Everything about this post is wonderful. Love that you were all laughing so much - that's the BEST. The big kids in the shawls are adorable and Malina - what a precious gem. Glad you had such a super weekend!


I agree that there is just so much JOY in these photos! How wonderful to have all 3 of your girls together on Mother's Day PLUS grandkids, too. Malina is adorable and clearly thriving.


The picture of you and Malinda shows a woman completely content and filled with joy at having your family together!

Robby H.

Y'all look like such a fun group! I suspect the party goes wherever you all go. Enjoy having everyone close at hand while it lasts.


Perfection... in every photo! XO


Wonderful, Vicki, and what perfect timing for Maddy to be back! Your recreated photo attempts look like a lot of fun ... well, honestly, the whole day does - Happy Mother's Day!


Looks like a perfect day! Happy Mother’s Day to you!


Wonderful photos and beautiful daughters and what gorgeous redheads!


So happy for you that your girls could all be there for Mothers Day, the photo of Jun and Gin in your shawls is priceless too...


What a lovely post! So nice to have all your girls together. And that picture of Jun and Gin! So cute to see how she watches her big brother. Thanks for sharing.


I remember the picture you're trying to recreate. It must be somewhere on your blog! One thing is certain, when your family is all together there is much laughter! How wonderful Maddy made it home for Mother's day!

Robin F

What a wonderful day! How happy to have your girls all home! Love all the pix- The smiles say it all!
What's the favorite salad this year? Thanks for sharing.


That pick-up-Mom photo is a hoot! I love to see you with your girls.

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