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Happy Mend-day






This guy is so much happier now that it's nice enough to be outside most of the time! (As are we all, I suppose.)

Do you have anything going on this weekend?

I'll have the kiddos for a while tomorrow morning, in varying combos of 2 and 3 while Ali runs some errands.

The only other thing "written in pen" on my calendar is an appointment with the chiropractor on Monday. I'd been going regularly, but slipped off that schedule quite a while ago and I think it's time to get back on track.

There are a few things on my list that I could work on...

And I'll definitely be putting the finishing touches on two little matching sweaters for two sweet little girls -- I'll be stopping to choose buttons on my way home today!

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We've awaiting a bit of rain, but the temperatures are nice. Windows open, fresh air makes a body feel good. I've a few things on my list, too, but I'm kicking back today and doing as little as possible! (Grosseries, however, will not wait.) I'm envious of your cat! Happy TGIF!


A nice, long, relatively open weekend sounds just wonderful! We've got rain and more rain, so my biggest chore is finding a few dry hours to mow the jungle and maybe work in the garden a bit. Enjoy those kiddos!


We have rain in the forecast, but we are hoping to get some yard/garden things done between drops!

Robin F

Pretty Kitty. Our cats were indoor cats. I'll be playing bridge on Sat. (rain predicted). Lots of knitting going on to finish up WIP before Loopy Camp starts June 1.


Today was supposed to be Hannah's graduation party but she postponed it due to the lousy weather coming - cold and rain - so now we have a free Saturday. We have SO much yard work to do but again - the weather. Enjoy your extra day this weekend!


Enjoy! My sister-in-law's mom is celebrating her 80th birthday tomorrow with a High Tea Party ... but otherwise, we're just hanging out, watching the royals and knitting (it's wonderful!)

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