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Unraveled: Cockleshell Cardi


So, I did really well with the simultaneous knitting and socializing with the book club gang on Friday night -- even doing increases at regular intervals without screwing up.

Saturday was a WAY different story, and perhaps what you might expect when a day begins with a cherry mimosa at breakfast and carries on with a distillery/brewery/winery tour! I found a mistake and when I thought I'd figured out what happened and how to fix it, I only screwed it up more. Way more! Let's just say there were some "wonky" eyelets on that edging by the time I came to my senses and just put it away.

So, I ripped back the problem area on Monday night and re-knit. I worked the 3-needle bind-off on Tuesday night, and gave it a soak and pinned it out on Wednesday.


Cockleshell Cardigan

My gauge/measurements are spot-on for the size I made, though I'm using a slightly heavier yarn. I LOVE IT! This one (largest size) will be for Gin, and I've cast on another (second-smallest size) for Malina.


I have about half of the hand-quilting yet to do on Malina's quilt... it is getting a little tedious and I've contemplated ways to make it less so (i.e., not do as much), but I've decided to bite the bullet and JUST DO IT (correctly) (or at least as originally intended). I've 30-ish little squares to go... each is randomly quilted with one length of thread. Ready, Set, Go!


Audio: I finished listening to Unfu*k Yourself on the way up to Door County on Friday. I figured that would happen, so had downloaded Failing Up: How to Take Risks, Aim Higher, and Never Stop Learning by Leslie Odom, Jr., to be ready. I would listen to Leslie Odom, Jr., read just about anything. Even so, I really enjoyed the content of this book, too; some interesting wisdom and ideas to ponder.

Pages: Nothing has changed here: Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder is still on my nightstand, but so too is The Thoughtful Dresser.

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That Cockleshell is so sweet, and I love that Gin and Malina will match! It is amusing to even think about knitting after a cherry mimosa (yum!) and more alcohol on the tour; I can make epic knitting mistakes even stone cold sober!


Cockleshell is just adorable! And, I think those girls will look so adorable in their matching cardi's! Jun might be jealous!! XO


Oh a cherry mimosa sounds WONDERFUL (even if it leads to required unraveling). That cardigan is way too cute. What color will you be using for Malina's?


Beautiful frabjous yellow -- it came out great! Yes, I often find that when I enhance my knitting with spirits I am rewarded with more time with my knitting. And unknitting. And reknitting. :)


That sweater is utterly adorable, I can't wait for modeled shots!


Those little yellow sweaters will be just perfect on your girls! So cheery and happy! :-)

Robby H.

Would it help expedite the quilting if you threaded several needles and had them at the ready as you worked? When I'm tired (or my older eyes are) at night, threading the darn needle can be the most tedious operation. If I have several needles threaded in advance, I can zip along sewing.

And I'm not even going to feign commiseration on the wonky knitting, since you didn't offer up any Mimosas for us here on the blog.


The two of them are going to be SO CUTE in matching gma-made-with-love sweaters!


*happy sigh* granddaughters in matching hand knit cardigans is (gonna be) the best! as will Malina's hand-stitched quilt. I think you're right to Just Do It! (even if takes a little longer, in the big ol' scheme of things, it's not that much time, right?!)

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