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FO/Unraveled Wednesday: Cockleshells


It seems a while since there's been an FO in the Knitting Dept. around here! I was on a roll over the weekend and finally sewed buttons on the girls' sweaters, so today there are two:


  • Ravelry Project Page: Cockleshell Cardigans
    • Size 18-24 months for Virginia, Size 6-12 months for Malina
  • Pattern: Cockleshell Cardigan by Amy Christoffers
  • Yarn: Cascade Yarns 128 Superwash (color: Daffodil)
    • 4 skeins = 2 sweaters with just a bit left over
  • Needles:  US 10
  • Start to Finish:  April 24 - May 28, 2018

The color is off in these photos (I blame the floor), it's really more like this:


So bright & happy!


Are they not the most adorable little sweaters? Soft & squishy, too.

Mods: The pattern called for I-cord ties but, um, Nooooo. I opted for matching buttons and crocheted a loop to close.

Mistakes: I made one on the cuff of Gin's sweater, creating an actual cuff... I didn't realize it was a mistake until I started the other half and then had myself a little time trying to recreate that particular "design element"! I also misread (or didn't actually read) the directions and did the 3-needle bind-off to the inside instead of the outside on both sweaters. These things do not bother me in the least!


The kids will be over this evening, so possibly modeled shots forthcoming!!



Oh, they are the cutest!! We had supper together and Gin wouldn't take her sweater off, so... ketchup, chocolate milk, and a little Truffle Kerfuffle later... it's already landed it in the wash! (Came through wonderfully.)

I am still working on Summer Camp! It won't be traveling with me, though, so I'm readying to cast on my first WATER hat to bring along. Check out the Baby Cocktails forum on Ravelry for more info about Water for Flint project and knit-along.


Well, Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder has taken a back seat to The Thoughtful Dresser, which I've already renewed once (and may need to again) (reading has taken a back seat to almost everything else), but I'm getting into a bit more and enjoying it. Plus, there's some traveling ahead and it will be coming along.

I am listening to West Cork, which, it turns out, is actually an "Audible Audiobook - Original Recording." It's not an actual book -- never was, never will be! I think I nabbed it on a promotion or something... anyway, it says "audiobook" in the description, so I'm going with that. And it'll fill a Bingo square! I'll likely finish it on the plane tomorrow, so will be queuing up something else today!

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Those are truly sweet cardigans, and I know the modeled shots will be even more adorable! We can wait as I think it's a little warm in WI for sweaters. Your "mistakes" don't look like mistakes at all to me, just great design elements!


The cardigans are darling. The girls will look darling in them. Such a bright cheerful color. And such great original design elements.


LOVE x 1000.


Those are just the most adorable sweaters! And I love the yellow. So happy. Enjoy your trip, Vicki! (You have the best adventures!) XO


I think that November baby I spoke of will need a cockleshell! Beautiful work Vicki!


oh those matching sweaters are ADORBS! I think your mods improve the pattern :-) and I cannot wait to see modeled shots. Have a great trip and say Hi! to NYC for me - I leave in two weeks!


Those sweaters are just adorable!


Those sweaters are cute, the yarn looks nice and dense compared to mine. I used a cotton yarn which next time I will decrease the needle size. But I loved the pattern, so unusual and creative, and the sweater is soft and squishy, too.
The little peculiarities/not-really-a-mistake that happened can make the item personalized and create your “signature”, what a wonderful gift.


Those girlies in their matching cardi's are too sweet! And, those cardigans are pretty nifty! I love your button detail.


And a side note: wow, your blog is noted on MDK!
Congrats to be on there and of course, you are “a knitter who should not be trifled with” !


I knew the sweaters would be great, but they picture of the two girls just could NOT be cuter!! Have a great time in NYC!

Robin F

The girls look soooo cute in their sweaters. I see that MasonDixonknitting blog took notice of them too.


Those tiny sweaters turned out perfectly! And the girls in them are just so darling. It doesn't get any cuter than that!! Enjoy NYC!!

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