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Thea Colman released a new pattern a couple of days ago... WATER is a beautiful cabled hat that she designed to help support efforts to fix the problem in Flint, MI, which has unbelievably been going on without resolution for YEARS.

I just can't even comprehend that... as a mother, a grandmother... a human being!


Thea writes:

This is WATER, the latest in a series of designs I’ve put out that uses my needles and my voice to try and fix what I can out in the world.

ALL the proceeds from WATER will go to Flint, Michigan, where they are on year four without clean water, due to lead in the pipes and the inaction of the authorities to fix the problem.

There’s a fantastic 11-year-old little girl there named Mari Copeny, who also goes by the name LittleMissFlint. She’s done more as an activist in the past four years than most of us will do in a lifetime. Google her and you'll be amazed. She's adorable and focused and tireless, and with the support of her family she is making a difference.

Mari has made speeches, met with politicians, has social media presence, and uses her voice and rising profile to raise awareness and funds for the people in Flint. She’s raised money for water bottles as well as things that make life for the kids in her community (where 60% live in poverty) better - backpacks and movie tickets and books.

As the media circus in the US intensifies, I want Mari and the people of Flint to know that their town isn’t forgotten, and do what we can. I want to keep encouraging this kid to fight and speak and I want to show her it's working.  Even if the problem isn't fixed, her efforts are working and we hear her, right?

So all my proceeds are going to this Go Fund Me that raises $$ for bottles and backpacks. In addition, North Light Fibers is donating my design fee, and my lovely tech editor Sandy has asked me to donate her tech editing fee.

The hat itself is my favorite kind of design -- some fun cables.  These combine open cables and twists, and feature a bit of texture. The crown of the hat is worked with a combination of decreases and cables that makes a striking pattern that reminds me of large drops of water, an added bonus to the theme of things here.

All the information is on the Ravelry page, and the PDF is $7.00.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE THESE IMAGES AND THE STORY on your social media, with your friends, or at your knitting shop. I’m not trying to make any cash myself off this one - but the more you spread the word, the more we help this kid help her community. xo


Within little more than 24 hours, $2200 was raised for Flint and, as of this morning, that figure had risen to $3000.


Thea is hoping that activity over the holiday weekend can push it to $5ooo!





I love this so much! Thanks for sharing!


That is a great hat, made even better by the fact that it helps Flint. I can hardly believe that the gov. discontinued the free water program, so now I have a new hat pattern and have made a separate donation to Little Miss Flint's Go Fund Me page. Thanks for sharing such important information!

Robby H.

Cables are not my friend, but that doesn't mean I can't contribute to the Go Fund Me page. Thanks for the heads up.


Great idea to raise some money for a community that has seemingly been forgotten by our government. Thanks for sharing this!


Even if I never knit the hat, I know it supports a fantastic and necessary project!

Thea Colman

Thank you so much for helping me spread the word!

A few women in my BabyCocktails forum are also now knitting the hat to gather 500 or 600 by Christmas, to give to the Christmas party that they throw for the kids of Flint. It's a town with about 60% of the residents living below the poverty line, and warm hats are sometimes a luxury.

If anyone wants in on that, pop over to my Ravelry group and chime in.

and thanks again V!

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