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3TT: My Backyard

Joining Carole and friends this week for Three on Thursday...


I have more peony buds than ever before!


They're not getting battered by wind & rain, for once! Ants sure do love them (see it?).



I spotted these yesterday behind the pergola bench -- a bit past prime but still pretty.



This little wooden planter full of succulents was one of the table centerpieces at Maddy's BFFs' pretty farm wedding last year. It fit perfectly on the windowsill of my basement dye studio (sigh) and wintered there. There had been some ivy, too, but it didn't survive. I see that Rusty's left his mark...



Our peonies didn't do as well this time (of course, we've had buckets and buckets of rain and lots of wind too). I do love them, but I stopped cutting them to bring in because of ALL the ants. Oy! Love your succulents. I want a succulent garden.


My grandmother's peonies were covered with ants, as well. Rusty's additions are perfectly suited.


Peonies are just so awesome! And chives and succulents, too!


I remember June peonies when Sara and I made her house hunting trip to Madison back in 2014. The wonderful scent along the sidewalks made walking everywhere such a pleasure! LOVE your succulent garden (and Rusty's most-appropriate additions).


Your Hen and Chicks are really looking awesome! And, your peonies! Wow!


So many peonies!!! I love them! I lost a bunch of my peonies a couple of years ago -- there was some horrible blight that got 'em. So far, I haven't replaced them, so I'll just enjoy watching yours. I love seeing big swaths of them in gardens. Magical! Enjoy! XO

Robby H.

Peonies and ants, I used to hear about these regularly from my aunt who loved peonies. I read not long ago that the ants are actually important for pollinating the peonies. This, in no way, encourages me to bring peonies in the house, but at least another mystery of nature is solved. Your succulents look lovely, too.

Kim Dean

No peonies here, but the gardenia bush is in full bloom. I've planted some white clover around my mailbox, for their look and their smell and their (hopefully) attraction to bees.

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