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Joining Carole and friends this week for Three on Thursday...

If you've been blogging for a while, you might remember the day -- way back in the day -- when people would blog about yarn. Specifically, it was a huge thing to excitedly blog about acquiring yarn -- stash enhancement -- whenever & wherever you acquired it, especially if it was "occasion" or "souvenir" yarn, or from a gift or a swap. I have fond memories of a few early swaps, and some of my all-time favorite knits were made from "swap yarn." I know there are still some swaps going on, but it's all changed quite a bit and I think that Ravelry and Instagram and hashtags are much more a part of it now than blogs and... I don't know, somehow it's not as personal and fun (to me, your mileage may vary).

Anyway, while recently in NY/NJ, I bought some yarn. I took three photos of that yarn when I got home, and I thought I'd share them with you. Just like the olden days!


From the top:

1 -- Meadowcroft Dyeworks Yarn Rehab purchased at Knitty City & Molly Girl (it glows under black light!) purchased at Yarnia

2 -- Wol met Verve minis purchased at Knitty City

3 -- Life In the Longgrass Dye Studio purchased at Brooklyn General Store

Every one of these dyers is news to me... they hail from PA, the Netherlands, and Ireland... and I don't have a plan for any of them.

Well, I didn't have a plan for any of them... that LITLG Fine Sock from Ireland is now going to be my TTL Mystery Shawl. I have some thoughts about the Molly Girl Bass Line becoming something for a couple of little girls I know, too.


Polly M.

I am very glad that you are blogging and do enjoy seeing your new yarn!


Beautiful yarns, Vicki!

Ruinwen Silverdragon

I enjoyed seeing your new stash; especially the Life in the Longgrass Dye Studio. That purple colorway is stunning!

Robby H.

A little yarny goodness is good to see every now and then. You picked out some things that could just as easily have fallen into my stash. Looking forward to the next step those skeins take in life.


*happy sigh* I LOVE seeing new yarn! you did quite well with your purchases ... and I look forward to seeing what you create with it. #specklesFTW


Lovely yarn, all, Vicki! I especially love the speckles. Last year, when I made a sneak-attack at the Michigan Fiber Festival (I swore I wasn't going to go at all, and then . . . oops. I did. . . ) I was drawn to all the speckle-y yarn they had there -- but didn't buy any. I've been wishing I had ever since.

Can't wait to see what you do with it all. :-)


Those yarns are all gorgeous! I don't buy yarn as much as I used to due to the size of my stash already but I think it's definitely worth sharing when I do!


Oh yes! The good ol' days of blog swaps! I LOVE souvenir yarn and your choice for TTLM is inspired! Perfect. Your two little ones are always going to be the best dressed in their g-ma handknits!


Those are beautiful! That purple in the last photo - stunning! I miss the old blogging ways. I'm fed up with FB and pretty burned out on IG. I think I'm just going to stick to blogs. :-)


Robin F

Love your choices- I want to fondle them thru the monitor.


I was thinking that #3 would be good for the TTLMKAL! I'm still searching for the right yarn for that. Maybe I go to the stash huh? What a concept! :-)

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