Weekending: Sewing, Relaxing
Unraveled: Prepping for a Mystery



So much fascination! I LOVE it!!! XOXO


I love Ginny's voice, excitement, and enthusiasm! And yes, I am also fascinated by the inchworm!

Robby H.

The excitement for discovery! And, while I'm a tad less squealy, I also think it's pretty cool to see an inchworm as I've never actually seen one before.


That little voice and that little inchworm! So cute!


That excitement! So adorable! And, go little inch worm!!


the commentary is the best! and yes, I'm cheering for the inchworm along with Kat :-)


Inchworms are one of natures wonders. How fun to hear happy little voices and their thrill with the unique!

Ruinwen Silverdragon

I love inch worms and haven't seen any in a while. Thank you for sharing all that childlike wonder and bringing happy moments of my childhood. :)

Robin F

Poor inchworm couldn't escape the squeels! LOve the kids comments and your great photography. Thanks for sharing the fun.

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