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Travel planning

No, not for me... I have nothing even close to firm on the calendar until October, and then another possible trip way off in March (though, obvs, I am always up for a spontaneous trip to almost anywhere).

I am travel planning for/with Kate... while she's in the Scottish Highlands and I'm planted in Wisconsin!

She sent me a message yesterday to tell me that she'd arrived at her Highlands destination, and about some great gin that she found (the message also serving as a reminder for her future self about said gin).

We chatted about the weather, how long she'd be there, and what she'd be doing; one thing on the list was finding a distillery tour, specifically gin. She'd told me that it was Misty Isle Gin that she'd been sipping and, following a quick search, I informed her that it was from Isle of Skye Distillers... right where she just happened to be for a few days.

Another quick search led me to discover the Skye Food and Drink Festival, happening this Wednesday & Thursday, and...


What are the odds?? Minutes later, she was signed up for the GIN COCKTAIL MASTERCLASS! The entire list of exhibitors & events at that festival looks so fun!

I also found a not-too-far-away Gin, Rum, and Cocktail Festival on the weekend (and plenty more, actually), but I'm not exactly sure where she's headed after this.


Seriously. I love this stuff.

It's the beauty of making "a plan," but not a hard & fast schedule... flexibility & openness... POSSIBILITIES!! That's not how some people like to travel, I know, and there are many reasons for that, but there are a million "tours" that cater to "tourists."

I want EXPERIENCES... or to help people (my daughter) find them. And when she comes home, she can mix up a killer "masterclass" gin cocktail to thank me!



You're a good mom and an excellent travel consultant, too!

Robby H.

Sharing your travel experience is half the fun, even by text. Hope she learns a thing or two and rewards you with a masterful cocktail.


So fun! I'm guessing there will be plenty of great cocktails in your future as a result of this. :)

Are y'all a TripIt family for tracking itineraries? (I think maybe you mentioned it before?) My sister is leaving for Italy tomorrow, chaperoning a school based tour group - today I took the itinerary email & put it into TripIt so we all can see what she's doing - we also then added in lots of "this would be fun if there is time" extras so she has them at the ready to ask their tour guide about, etc.


Perfectly perfect timing! I hope she'll report back on what she learns so you can share a Cheers! with us!


Timing is Everything! I can't wait to hear all about this. You are such a good, good Mom!


Oh, now that is marvelous!!!! When my sister and I visited Scotland a couple of years ago, our very favorite destination was the Isle of Skye. It is just incredible -- and with a gin masterclass? Even better! :-)


You are the perfect person to have on call for the last minute possibilities. Wow! Don't you wish you were there? (I DO!) Your family knows more about travel, let alone last minute, than anyone else I know!

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