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Joining Kat & the Unravelers...



I am hoping that the stitch pattern is visible enough? I've posted it in the TTL MKAL forum and we'll see how Kirsten feels about it!  :)


Yes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson has been my "listen," and I am enjoying it quite a bit. Marcus has a very interesting story -- Ethiopian-born & Swedish-raised, he thought he'd be a soccer star, not an accomplished chef. He reads the book himself and, though he speaks English very well, his accent is quite strong; I've heard him before on one of the cooking competition shows on TV, so I was familiar before I began the book. It's very engaging.

I haven't cracked open an actual book in probably almost a week. Summertime, man; we're busy (and then utterly exhausted)!!



I love that yarn! I can see the pattern! I need to get swatching today! Thanks for the reminder!


That swatch looks lovely to me! (And how have I never noticed that Kat & the Unravelers might make a good band name? I'll play tambourine!)


Looks great to me! I can see the pattern and I love the color.


I think that yarn is a gorgeous shade and I can see the pattern just fine.


I love that yarn - and YIKES! I need to wind mine ... and maybe swatch?! ;-)

Ruinwen Silverdragon

That yarn is so yummy it makes me want to run out and buy sugared plums. The definition is spot on.


Love that colorway - I'm sure it will knit into something beautiful!


The swatch looks great.


Oh yes, I know that busy then exhausted feeling well! I like the deep color and I can see the pattern of the stitches. I call it a win, but it's your call.

Robin F

I loved his book. I had seen him on Food network many times but after reading his story I enjoyed watching him even more. I'm signed up for the TTL MKAL but won't start knitting until Loopy Camp is done. love your yarn.

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