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Unraveled Wednesday: Water



I started WATER on Saturday night, beginning with a tubular cast on -- it makes such a neat edge. I finished the first repeat last night. I am using Plymouth's Worsted Merino Superwash for this one; it's a little splitty, but it's sproingy and has good stitch definition. I previously used this yarn to knit a couple of Pussyhats.


I did ZERO reading/listening on my trip. Instead, I watched The Greatest Showman -- most on the flight to NYC, the rest on the return trip. And I loved it!

I am almost finished listening to West Cork, and I'm ready for the end.


I spotted The Best Cook In The World - Tales from My Momma's Table at the airport on Sunday and had it in my hand... but realized that I really wasn't going to start reading it right then and it wasn't the last copy known to man, so it didn't need to be purchased right then & there. Be it known, however, that this is next up -- ready & waiting! I love Rick Bragg.

I may need to renew The Thoughtful Dresser one more time, but I'm getting there.

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The Greatest Showman was such a spectacle! I loved it!

And I'm adding your book to my Goodreads list!


My daughter Jessica has been talking non stop about how awesome The Greatest Showman is!


ooohhh, thank you (and the commenters who came before me) for the recommendation - we are going to need something to watch after The Americans.


The Greatest Showman is on my list to watch! And, I love that hat!


Haven't seen The Greatest Showman yet, but it looks fun; I'll have to watch. I purchased the Water hat pattern (such a GREAT cause), and plan to make a couple for gifting (eventually). XO


I love the look of your water! Guess I should get The Greatest Showman on my list!


I hadn't heard of The Greatest Showman, but it looks good! And can't wait to hear about Rick Bragg's book. Your Water is beautiful.

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