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Joining Kat & the Unravelers...

I spent an hour and a half this morning straightening & organizing things in the bedroom -- found some stuff, tossed some stuff, put away some stuff, and set aside some stuff for the upcoming rummage sale. It felt SO GREAT to finally, really, focus on that task. Small bites.


Then I did another rare thing and sat down in the middle of the morning with my knitting and Netflix. I had just a little ways to go until I could bind off the latest In Threes cardigan and one more episode of Collateral to watch...


...and my timing was PERFECT! Gift for Summer of '18 Baby #2 of 3 is only in need of buttons!


I've been catching a few minutes here & there to sew... currently working on Ginny's Mickey Mouse Geranium.


I love the front -- black & white with littls hits of red.


There are side seam pockets on both sides. This is the largest size Geranium I've made so far (size 3) and, understandably, those pockets aren't even an option on the smaller sizes.


PARTY IN THE BACK!!! I did actually stop at Joann's to see if I could find another bundle like the one I started with, but they were gone. Meanwhile, Ali gave me some Mickey fabric from her stash... so I pieced it together and this is what we've got!


Not much has changed in this department. Yes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson is still in my ears; The Thoughtful Dresser is still on my nightstand (and I'm making some progress).



I love the tiny red sweater. So cute! (And reminds me - again - that I need to git-knittin' on a baby sweater myself . . . for Tom's nephew's baby coming in September.) But even more . . . I love that Mickey-dress! Oh, so adorable. (But, man. I'm thinking Junah needs a Hawaiin shirt or something to match . . . ) :-)


Collateral sounds interesting. May need to add it to my queue. I love the sweater and that mickey mouse dress is fabulous!! I want one!! :-)

I've been knitting on last season's steelers scoreboard while watching Supernatural on Netflix. I'm trying to get done before pre-season starts in august! :-)



So cute! I love the Disney-dress! So sweet! And, I vote as well for Jun needing a shirt! :)


The Geranium dress is so cute. I love the the fabric prints. I am looking for yarn for an "In Threes" so yours is good inspiration. Happy Making.


Now I really want an adult size Geranium dress of my own; this one is just great! I haven't found anything interesting to watch on Netflix recently, but Collateral looks very interesting. Thanks for the recommendation, and I'm also casting my vote for a cool shirt for Junah!


SO cute! I love the colors and Gin is going to love this one as much as she loves her other g-ma dresses! I LOVE Kym's idea of a Hawaiian shirt for Junah! Genius!

Robin F

Love the red sweater. The new Geranium dress is fab- love the pockets.


That dress is simply fabulous. I can see Gin in it now! And yes! something for Junah is needed, That sweater is so sweet.


That dress is so adorable!


That dress is adorable ... and I LOVE Kym's idea to make Junah a matching shirt!

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