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Weekending: It's electric

I drove to Chicago & back on Friday to deliver Kate to ORD. She had a quick visit with some friends in Edinburgh (who she'll meet up with again for a side trip to Wales) and is currently relaxing & enjoying the beautiful scenery in the Scottish Highlands. (Follow along here on IG, if you'd like.) Lucky girl!

I spent much of the weekend cuddling & caring for Malina while her parents were busy at a local music festival. The Electric City Experience is in its third year, evolving a bit with each one.


Ali had the coffee camper there, and Rod had a few gigs -- including sitting in last-minute for a bass player who was busy becoming a dad!


I was just a short walk from festivities and, since Malina isn't a fan of bottle feeding, I could easily walk her down for a meal/snack (and her mama could take a little break, too).


That Lemon Rhubarb Italian Soda was delicious, with Ali's homemade rhubarb syrup -- tart with a little sweet & sparkle, just the way I like my beverages!


Maddy came home late Saturday afternoon for an overnight visit and it was perfect timing, as many friends were around, too. We all had fun socializing with folks we haven't seen in a while. And fireworks!

On Sunday, we met up with the "big kids" for a little festival brunch/lunch.

It doesn't get more groovy than that!

I'm pooped, but back to work (a looooong week) and making sure to carve out some "me" time.



That festival sounds great and what a nice excuse to get to hang out with Malina!


What a fun weekend! But, boo long weeks!


That blanket truly has a wonderful life (it IS Parcheesi, right?) Great fun to see the Festival (from afar), all the littles and corn dogs. Maddy certainly timed her visit well! I hope this week goes smoothly ... you need to be well-rested for your weekends ;-)

Robby H.

That picture of Malina and kitty both resting is so sweet. And I have to ask, what are "Oasis Bars", as someone who is always on the lookout to try something new.

Wishing you a week that flies by, but isn't too demanding.


What a perfect weekend! Music, grandkids, fireworks, corndogs!!! I love watching Junah groovin' to the tunes. Hope your week goes smoother (and quicker!) than you think. XO


Ahhh, Malina is such a darling. As are Gin and Jun of course. And watching the corndog video was hysterical. Obviously children of a musician! Wishing you an easy and speedy week.


Ali is very lucky to have you and you're lucky to be able to take care of such a cute baby! She just couldn't be more darling. Junah is a HOOT! Was the blissful look for the music or the corn dog? LOL

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