It's time...
Weekending: Mid-July


Joining Carole and friends this week for Three on Thursday...

Thing 1 - PRE-CLEANING going well. In addition to my normal Wednesday off, I also have Thursday (today) off this week and the weekend is ahead... so I'm not killing myself in this endeavour.

Thing 2 - OOPS 1

I finished TTL Mystery Shawl Clue 2 yesterday...


...or so I thought. This is an up-to-the-minute photo showing progress on the THIRD REPEAT! Gah! I'm glad I took a minute to read the intro again and count my stitches.


One of my needles was pointing backward as I came in from taking the photo above.


I kind of love it. If it wasn't so big (5 US), I'd make more. A mosquito could easily fit through that hole.

I hope you're having a good Thursday!



Love the shawl, and I think the screen hole might call for some visible mending. If it looks good, then you could make more holes!


I’m going to hire someone,too. I think Bonny is onto something. You need another project, right?


Yes to visible screen mending - lol. Perhaps some colorful embroidery?

That shawl is looking so pretty.


The shawl is looking great! I like the idea of mending the screen with something colorful.


Sign me up in the "visible mending" camp! (Seems like the perfect solution.)


I am with the Visible Mending Crowd! And, yes... perfect!

I just finished clue 2 (and yes, I counted my stitches!) Onward to clue 3... oy!


Late to the party, but still casting my vote for the visible mending! and woot! for the Mystery Shawl - I managed to finish clue #3 on Wednesday and look forward to tackling #4 today and tomorrow (with tennis ... hopefully I can watch/knit at the same time now that Roger isn't playing...)

Robin F

Shawl progress is pretty. Hole in the screen, not so pretty. You could Alabama Chanin it!


My solution for mosquitoes in the house: leave the cobwebs where they occur until summer is over. Your mystery shawl is lovely!

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