Weekending: Kate's back!

It's time...

I've hired someone to clean my house.


I had a regular cleaning lady for a while... before Maddy was born! My mom sent hers over on a flukey one-off several years ago; all I remember is that the woman was arguing with me about whether my bathroom floor was real wood or laminate. It's true! She flat-out declared that it was real and didn't believe me when I told her that it wasn't! Listen, lady, I helped to cut, peel and stick it down... it ain't real!!

Anyway, other than when my mother was a newly divorced, returning to college, mother of five, she always had a cleaning lady. I remember complaining about having to "clean" before the cleaning lady came... when I was actually just getting my own shit taken care of/put away so the cleaning lady could actually clean! In those "dire" times, Mom had a built-in workforce -- however unwilling -- ranging in age from 6 to 12; she would leave notes every single day with a list of jobs/chores for each of us. We did not dare ignore it, either. My mother was an EXCELLENT housekeeper, with or without the help, and she trained us all very well.

I hate housework!
You make the beds, you do the dishes
and six months later
you have to start all over again.

--Joan Rivers

Things are just slightly beyond me right now... have been for a while now. We downsized within our own home a few years ago, kids have been drifting in and out, my sister died, my mom died, grandkids have appeared and are growing in size as well as number, and I LIKE TO DO/MAKE THINGS. There's stuff associated with all of that. SO MUCH STUFF. And it's piled up in various ways.

Housework is work directly opposed to the possibility
of human self-actualization.

--Ann Oakley

I've nibbled away at it, of course, bits here and there... I've Kon-Mari'd this and Death Cleaned that... and by the time the "stuff" is dealt with (provided I haven't been interrupted by any of 1000 different things), I'm exhausted... it never feels like there's follow-through or finish.

I feel overwhelmed and I'm tired of it.

So, here's my plan. Starting tomorrow, and continuing on the weekend, I am concentrating on simply putting away or removing the crap that's in the way.

That's my job -- cleaning before the cleaning lady comes (a week from tomorrow)!



Good for you, Vicki! It will be worth every penny. XO


Vicki: I hear you loud and clear! You could be singing my song! Good luck with the precleaning. Sue


Good for you! No matter how much stuff I get rid of, I still hate to clean. It seems much smarter to use your resources to hire someone to clean and use your time in more rewarding and creative ways that you enjoy. My SiL sends me a card with that Joan Rivers quote for almost every birthday because she knows it's exactly how I feel!


I am envious... the cleaning is not the issue, it is doing it! LOL XO Good for you!


You are going to LOVE having a cleaning lady! I've had someone coming every other week since I started my current job in 1999. It's just the best.


I gave mine up a few years ago and now I really feel the need to hire someone again. Cleaning is physical work and it IS exhausting. That energy (and time) would be well spent in other pursuits. It's a really smart move, Vicki! I'm going to follow in your footsteps.


Good for you! You deserve a little reprieve. We worked all our lives for this small luxury. Besides, the woman I use really needs the money more than I do!


Good for you!! I used to have a cleaning lady...but then I noticed that things weren't getting done quite the way they had been originally, and then Fletch said "I can do a better job on the bathrooms than Lisa does." I said "You're on!" And he did do a better job...for awhile...but then that kind of petered out and recently I've been hankering to get someone in again and I might just do that!


I thoroughly support this decision! As busy and productive as you are, you deserve some "me time" to do your making without having to use those free moments for housework!


Congratulations! I've had a cleaning lady for many years (downstairs only) and it is money well spent. There are so many way more fun things to do on the only two days off than clean the house! Enjoy!


That's a great decision, Vicki! Your time is too valuable to spend on cleaning - especially with those grandkids around. Even retired us has help every three weeks, mainly because I cannot stand to dust. I hope you found someone good (who'll take your word about the bathroom floor ;-)

Robby H.

I had a gal come in and do the bathrooms and floors when I was a full-time career gal and single. I was working 60 hours a week and when I figured (ever so briefly) what I could give up to be able to pay someone to do those things to free up what little non-work time I had, it was a no brainer. When people used to ask me when I was going to "find a husband" my answer was, "Husband?! I need a WIFE!" That person who does all the things that makes life happen at a pleasant level. Hope you find someone great and find yourself freer to live life for the important things.

Robin F

A cleaning person is a necessity in the life of a busy woman or man. I haven't been able to find one since I moved to FL. I always had one before, since my health doesn't allow me to so the chores needed to clean my house. Right now the dragons are chasing the dust bunnies.


My cleaning lady was in a car accident a year and a half ago, and my house has not been clean since. She is largely recovered now and is coming (2nd time!) next week. Hurrah for cleaning ladies!

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