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I cut a wedge at each underarm last night and sewed them back up.

It isn't perfect but oh, man, what an improvement! The sleeves "feel" better and there's a lot less bulk. I may have cut just a wee bit more than ideal, but this is all totally off the cuff and, given that, I'm thrilled.


I wore t-shirts a lot back in the day (these days, not so much), and ALWAYS with a cuffed sleeve.


Those original gigantic sleeves were a challenge, but the new version works great!


I also felled/embellished the seam. I chose Laced Double Straight Stitch in two colors from Natalie Chanin's The Geometry of Hand-Sewing -- it reminded me of "sound waves," and that was just about perfect for this project. If I were to do this again, I'd consider switching the colors (LEARNING THINGS)!

And now I want to add SIDE POCKETS! It's practically screaming for them, don't you think?



The BEST kind of obsession!
I love it, Vicki!
(And YES to side pockets.)


I would absolutely add pockets! The dress really looks fantastic!


Such fun! And even more fun with side pockets - go for it!!

Robby H.

The only piece of clothing not improved by side pockets is a bathing suit. And if this were the 1920s, even in a bathing suit. I love your surgery for tidying up those sleeves. Did you take any other pictures of the process, I'm intrigued and tempted.


This project just screams FUN! plan, to sew and to wear. and oh yeah, it most definitely needs pockets!


Sleeves look much improved and I like what you did around the seam. Makes it look like it was there from the beginning.


looking good - side pockets like patch pockets or in the side seams? its such a fun look


LOVE! OMG, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I am off to see if I have a t-shirt I can hack like this! YOU INSPIRE ME! XOXO


Thank goodness you didn't commit the sacrilege of machine sewing this cool dress; it looks wonderful!! And of course, Im casting another yes vote for pockets!


You'll love side pockets! (Don't we all?!) This is a wonderful idea for all the memories/reasons we buy T-shirts in the fist place! Well done all around!


Your dress is perfect.

Robin F

Love the stitching. I was just gonna ask about pockets when I got to that part of the blog! Love the dress/tee

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