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Weekending: Kate's back!


You would think that a mid-week holiday falling on my normal day off would be a piece of cake. WRONG. I had an unshakable "Sunday" feeling all day yesterday, and it has carried over... Today is the Monday-est Thursday ever!

I attached and finished the waistband on my Gypsum Skirt on Tuesday night.


I fully intended to hem it on Wednesday morning before anything else, but there was an Hawaiian shirt calling my name.


"Make a Hawaiian shirt for Junah," they said. "It'll be easy," they said.

Well, okay, no one actually said that it would be easy... but how hard could it be???

Forty-five minutes of searching and watching YouTube videos about how to attach a collar to a shirt, while regularly re-reading the directions and trying to make out what's going on the photos, later...


I think I've got it. Now I'm attaching the back yoke facing and trying to find a method that is not "making a sausage."


Meanwhile, there are some nice details, I love the fabrics, and it's going to be a very nice shirt!

It was so great having Maddy home for a few days during her holiday break!


We went out to a pond party yesterday afternoon where Rod was playing. The kids had a blast in the water.


I love this photo with their big sis Jillian, especially the joy all over Ginny's face!


There were clouds skirting around us all afternoon and then all of a sudden... DOWNPOUR! We all huddled under cover until it passed, and at least it brought a little relief from the heat & humidity.


Robby H.

We had a Monday Moment today, too. But... tomorrow is Friday, so it balances out. Such happy faces in that water!


That shirt is going to be so awesome! Jun is so going to rock that!! And, yes... today is the penultimate day of discombobulation. It sucks!


I thought it was Saturday all day yesterday. . . so now it's my Sunday/Thursday. So bizarre. Junah's shirt is going to be PERFECT. I just love the fabric -- and you did a great job on the collar. :-) He's going to just love it. Those kids are just loving the water. Much fun. XO


Very professional looking job on the shirt. So cute! Your pond party looks like a blast!


I never can tell what day of the week it is any more! Smith's can't either so we're quite the pair! I LOVE the Hawaiian shirt and the pictures of your outing--whether faces or clouds, it's all wonderful!


That shirt is looking fine! (and your skirt ... almost done - woohoo!) Great photos from the Pond Party - looks like everyone had fun!


I thought Wednesday was Friday and then I thought yesterday was Sunday (because I took it off). Such a weird mid-week holiday thing. The shirt is adorable, you are going great guns with your sewing!


You've made me feel much better! I thought my discombobulation this week was an unwelcome sign of my mental aging, but even if that's the case, I'm in good company! I'm sure today is Friday and that is also a good thing. I love Junah's shirt, and even if it's not easy, you make it look easy and so worthwhile. How did we manage anything new before youtube?!

Robin F

It was a very 'long' week with 2 Sundays. Your Hawaiian shirt is fabulous. Jun will look so grown up in it. The sausage method is really quick and easy. Collars can be fussy. You guys had a great looking 4th- it was very rainy here! Can't wait to see the finshed skirt. Did you put pockets in the side seams?


It was a very weird week time-wise. I was off Wed-Thurs-Fri and each day I thought it was some other day - lol. This is what retirement will be like (and I cannot wait). Meanwhile, love the fabric for your skirt. Can't wait to see the finish, And Jun's shirt is PERFECT. We will need a shot of all 3 kids in their Mickey mouse apparel. Looks like you had a great weekend! Love Gin in the pond. Those kids are all such happy creatures - wonderful to see.


It was definitely a double Monday week! Love, love, love that shirt!

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