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Scenes from a hot weekend

As in temperature. And humid, too.

Malina's like...



The big kids were keeping cool as they saw fit (some in undies, at most, others in head-to-toe fleece -- which seems to hold a lot of water and it was cold, so... to each his own).


Also, cool big air-bubble knees!


Ginny & I both suffered injuries when I fell after saving her from a likely bump/fall off of the retaining wall. I'm the only one to actually spill blood; Gin's Minion band-aid (and unseen crocodile plaster) are purely decorative/placebo measures. Maddy, certified in First Aid because of her summer camp job, jumped right in to fix me up. Gin was obviously quite fascinated by the procedure, but Junah made a face after the application of hydrogen peroxide and bowed out. I'm just thankful that I didn't twist anything and that it's my left knee we're looking at and not the right; my right knee won't likely fare another grinder very well. (That big scar on my shin is where I met the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet at work last year. Yep, that hurt.)


It's nice having Maddy around for a few days while camp is on break for the 4th! It's still hot but, thankfully, not as humid today... so we'll take it. I hope you're faring well, too!



These pictures make me cooler just looking at them! And, I love the fleece in the wash tub! LOL

Robby H.

Only thing missing from my youth in this picture is some popsicles. Hope your owie is better today.


SO cute how they are keeping cool. And those faces on Malina are priceless! Glad you didn't hurt yourself more seriously.


I wondered about the fleece, but I hadn't thought about it holding water and keeping the wearer cool. Clever Junah! Malina's expressions match my feelings towards this weather perfectly. I'm glad your boo-boo wasn't worse and wonder if a Minion or Snoopy band-aid might help you heal more quickly. And Robbie is right; you all need dripping popsicles!


Maddie is so awesome ... and the chalk! but my favorite is Junah and Gin, hands clasped behind, watching the tub fill. There's patience there, a stillness that will serve them well in the hot times to come! (I do hope your scrapes and bruises are healing ... gah! I hate that mine now take weeks, not days...)


Oh, Vicki. I hope you're healing well. Grandma to the rescue!!! :-)
Love all your summer scenes. Looks like a great weekend all around.


Malina's face is priceless and I'm happy to hear you've had a break in humidity. We're heading towards triple digits for the weekend! I love seeing how different Gin and Junah. How did he reason he would be cooler in fleece? Kid's are fascinating. Gin's rapt attention at the care of your wound is darling.


I just love the way your family plays together (though sorry about your boo-boo). Those pictures of Malina are wonderful - her expression is exactly what I feel like in this heat. Jun and Gin watching and waiting and then both fitting in the tub! Love it all.

Robin F

Tell Gin to take better care of you. That ouchie looks like it will hurt for a few days as it heals. We always made Ice pops in summer from juice to keep cool. We had a Tupperware set that you could put in the freezer.

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