The boys are back

Weekending: Mid-July

Maddy came home on Friday for a break from camp; she's stressed out as it's been a super tough summer -- too much work and no assistance (she's supposed to have an assistant) or support. It's just truth when I say that my girls have an incredible work ethic, and if she's feeling it enough to express it... it's bad, especially because she truly LOVES camp! Her saving grace is a trip coming up... fingers crossed, along with all the good thoughts, karma & juju!!

Anyway, I had a million things to do in the pre-cleaning/reclamation department, but I knew that offering my girls some SISTER TIME was way more important -- for all of them -- so I offered to take the kiddos on Saturday. Kate, Al & Mads went out to lunch, stopped at a hobby/craft shop, ran a few errands... and then came back for drinks, games & dinner.


Malina experiences full-on fart gun a la Ginny!


These two! Gah!! Junah was sitting on the step and Ginny sat down next to him... and then scooted over to be closer. 😍


We took full advantage of my around-the-corner neighbor's invitation to help ourselves to her raspberry bushes. Junah doesn't really like them, so he gave me all that he picked, and then carried home a little handful for his mamma.


We actually had some rain on Friday, which meant a full ran barrel on Saturday!! So fun.

On Sunday, I hit the housework! I've been constantly reminding myself that it's a process... things aren't going to be perfect on Wednesday, but they'll be better and will improve each time. That's the plan, anyway!


BONUS! I found the fat quarters that I bought in Nashville last February! I've made a conscious effort to not let The Case of the Missing Fat Quarters drive me crazy over the past few months... they'd cross my mind now & then and I've even "looked" for them a little bit. Man, they were stuffed into a knitting project bag and I would never have looked for them there.

It's a normal week around here, except that Junah's sleeping over on Tuesday night and cleaning ladies are coming on Wednesday and I'll see my sister Ann & the boys (from Spain) by the end of the week! Woohoo!!



I'd say "giving" your girls some sister time was a nice "gift" for you and the littles too! Malina looks like she can hold her own - and I'll bet she gives Junah and Gin a run for their money as soon as she can walk! That happy photo of the found fat quarters makes me smile. Gah - you and Kat with your little girl sewing makes me just a little bit jealous! Have a great week, Vicki!!


That photo on Gin and Jun on the steps! So sweet! I am glad you had such a great weekend!


Poor Malina . . . can't wait to see what happens when she's big enough to wield the fart gun herself! :-) What a great gift for your girls -- to be together and have some fun together. (And, of course, for you, too.) So glad you found the fat quarters. Holy moly . . . I spend so much time "not looking for" missing things (that often turn up in a knitting bag here or there). XOXO


That looks like an all around great weekend. I love that photo of Jun and Gin!


What a wonderful weekend! LOVE the backside shot of Jun & Gin. Adorable!! Love that you gave your girls time together (and got the grandkids while that was going on - bonus all around!!). Those found fat quarters are great. What's on the making list??? Oh, and I agree that Malina will be able to quite nicely hold her own (after all, she's getting excellent training - lol)


One of the things I really enjoy about reading your posts are how you appreciate people above things and stuff - putting sister time above pre-cleaning is the right/best thing to do!

Robby H.

I am, um, afraid to ask what a fart gun is....

Hope things improve for Maddy. I would think there are regulations about an adult/camper ratio, but maybe the whole place is OK, just that she's short handed. Ugh, the best workers get the bum deal sometimes.


Your family always makes time for together time. It's marvelous to see. Little hands, smiling faces, fuzzy heads and cute outfits are part of any post at Vicki's. How wonderful you'll see your sister Ann by weeks end! You have a busy/crazy, fun summer still to come! xo


Gin and Jun sweetest photo although I love them all! I really enjoy your commentary. Thanks so much for sharing your family with strangers.

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