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3TT: Little Things

Though I didn't cross everything off my list yesterday, I got the major stuff done -- including back-to-back massage & chiropractor appointments. I had a new-to-me massage therapist and she worked exclusively on the areas giving me the most trouble and, oh wow... yeah...

How about Three Little Things on this Thursday (returning to wrap up Auntie Camp tomorrow)...

1 -- I was ridiculously happy to see this yesterday:


I noticed them in the parking lot as soon as I pulled in: upgraded shopping carts at my favorite grocery store! Finally!! They're so smooth -- and quiet.

2 -- May all your weeds be wildflowers.


That's how we're rollin' here this year.

3 -- Park it!


My side of the garage has been in use all summer for lots of things -- that didn't include parking a car. But I have reclaimed it! 😊🚗 The "blue area" is where we hosed off the tie dye on Saturday! It'll fade in time...



Little things are big! Love your carts with cupholders (but I'm wondering if they hold enough groceries for the week?), and colorful driveway!


Love your garage (colors)! And nice shopping carts! Not that I ever thought I'd be happy about grocery carts.....

Robby H.

I love those smaller grocery carts. I'm, well, a smaller person and they are much easier for me to maneuver, reach in, etc. If you are a decent packer, you can get a lot in those. The only real adventure with the small carts is the "48 mega rolls of toilet paper" that seems to be the only reasonably priced option these days. Congrats on your new-ish parking spot. Maybe having it now will delay winter?!


Ha! These are 3 great things! Especially the garage! WOOO HOO!


Three fabulous things, Vicki! We have similar grocery carts in our store here --- Tom calls them the "sport models." :-)


Those are three delightful things ... and yay for the massage!


Those look like some pretty fancy grocery carts! Hooray for a two car garage with two cars in it! I dream of parking my Mustang in the garage some day.


I'm a fan of the larger, taller carts, but they could use an upgrade, too! The blue driveway is like having your freak flag flying! I like it!

Robin F

Little things help a day be happier. Got your car in the garage before the snow came- win win

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