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Auntie Camp 2018 - Tie Dye!

3TT: One stitch at a time...

...sometimes forward, sometimes backward!

This photo was snapped last night when I was half-way through tinking a row!


It's my Savage Heart Cardigan (1) and as of last night, the first half is finished! Next, I need to find a spare needle while I get to work on the second half!

Summer Camp II (2) has also seen the light of recent days (though not a camera) and I'm just about ready to begin the bind off!

And swatching... I went up a needle size and made another swatch for my Rhinebeck Sweater (3).


That did the trick! Meanwhile, I think I've changed my mind about the pattern I want to knit -- same gauge, though, so whew!

 That's a little knitting update, 3TT style... visit Carole for more "Three Things on Thursday" posts!



Knitting updates - in threes or even more - are always fun to see! I do love that swatch.


And I love the color of your savage -- is it a tweedy blue? (But, sorry about the tinking...).


Really. What would knitting even BE without a bit of tinking here and there!
Lovely blues!

Robby H.

Laughing with you. So like me to get my knitting act together and then say, "oh, look at that...". May we assume that the words "Rhinebeck Sweater" indicate a trip is coming up?


I love knitting updates. forward or not, it's all progress! (and fwiw, I think the latest Rhinebeck swatches look great - a little more relaxed...)


So much good knitting!! And, I love the color theme!


I'm dying to know which pattern you'll be using for your Rhinebeck sweater!

Kim Dean

Is that sweater out of tweed yarn? I adore tweed yarn.


So much sweater productivity here, and I heart those blues!

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