Auntie Camp 2018 - Tie Dye!
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Auntie Camp 2018 - The Rain, The Park*, and Other Things

*or Pool!

The plan was to go to the swimming pool (for the first time all season!) on Friday night. We were a little bummed when it started to rain in the afternoon just as we finished wrapping up all the tie-dyed items for curing.


Well, okay, not everyone was bummed! Addie & Junah had a blast in the rain!!


"A raindrop got in my eye!"

It was a couple of hours before we intended to go, so we just hoped that it would blow over by then.

In the meantime, MACRAMÉ got underway!!


The boys didn't make a ton of progress in this endeavour -- distractions!!!


But I'll hold onto it all and maybe we can continue at Christmas time. Kate joined us for that activity and finished a plant hanger... and since then she's finished another, and another, and is currently dreaming up all sorts of ideas for future projects (not limited to plant hangers)!

Lo & behold, the rain did blow over and we met Ali & the girls down at the pool (while Ann & Brian made supper)!


Mack & Addie went down the big slide a few times, and convinced Junah to try it, too! It's the first year that he can do it alone. He said that it made his tummy feel funny, so once was enough!


We took an opportunity to wrangle the kids together at the side of the pool and I handed Ali my camera for some of my favorite photos of the weekend!



The fun just explodes from these photos (well, except the one with Malina crying... poor baby!! Ha!)


Cousins have a special kind of relationship, and I'm glad you are providing special ways for all of these smiling and happy kids to enjoy each other! Poor Malina, but I bet that in just a few years she'll be another happy participant in the fun. Auntie Camp is the best! (And I did not know that Lincoln Logs now has doors and windows!)


Poor Malina - though it looks like she recovered just fine. Those kids (and adults) just have SO.MUCH.FUN!! I love that raindrop in the eye shot. And, by the way, Jun looks have really matured over the summer - before you know it he will be in college!!!


oh, that last photo might be one of my favorites of the YEAR! although scrolling back through the post ... I could say that about all of them. great times! wonderful memories! and thank you for sharing them with us!!

Kim Dean

Yeah. . . That's pretty much the face I make when someone tries to put me in a pool.


I'm glad you got that pool time in, it looks like the cousins had a blast. And that last photo of all of them together is priceless and just screams summer!


So fun to see how each child grows through the years. The boys look so different, older, wiser, smarter! I can see how Junah loves having his cousins around and Gin is full of fun! Didn't Melina like the pool? Poor surprised baby!


I love all of these shots but particularly the one of Gin! We were just talking macrame this past weekend with Dan home and dinner with his grandmother. He was amused to learn his father was the macrame maker!


What FUN. I love seeing all the kids. They have such a great time together! (I'll be Jun really misses the boys when they leave...) Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous kiddos. XOXO

Robin F

Oh what fun to swim and slide together! Thanks for sharing and bringing smiles to my face.

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