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Right Now: August

Well, after we take one last 31-second (or so) look at July, here's what's happening in August...

Anticipating... another weekend with Maddy in the house! She's returned after two weeks incommunicado while paddling & camping in the Apostle Islands, and will be home this evening in time for supper.

Celebrating... Addison's 11th birthday next week! Can you believe it??

Excited about... pre-ordering Katrina Rodabaugh's Mending Matters: Stitch, Patch, and Repair Your Favorite Denim & More. I've been following Katrina on IG for quite a while and have no doubt that this is going to be some book!

Inspired by... I'm not super into online groups or forums, but I was invited a while ago to a group on FB called "The School of Making Stitchalong," started/moderated by employees of Alabama Chanin/The School of Making, and it's a pretty lively group of talented & creative people!

Itching... to rearrange my workroom. Despite what I just wrote about online groups, I've also been following "Sewing Room Ideas" and, while some many of those people are way more hard-core than me (gigantic rooms, thousands of dollars in machines of various types, enough fabric/thread to start a shop), there are lots of practical tips for storage, organizing, and maximizing space. (I don't know what these people did before IKEA!) There are also enough real posts to make me feel right at home & not alone. Heh.

Knitting... I have continued to suffer from tendonitis, though feel that it's truly, slowly, improving overall -- finally! I've begun doing some specific exercises (thanks to Kim asking the question on FB and also some helpful YouTube videos) and they are helping. I've also been paying much more attention to my posture & position while knitting and, thankfully, the pace of Kirsten's 2018 TTL Mystery Shawl has been very relaxed with the clues released over a period of six weeks. Anyway, all that to say that I am knitting and have kept up, for the most part, so the finish is... still a little ways off but in sight!

Looking forward to... going to a baseball game with Junah next week!

Needing... to pack up the stuff I'd moved out to the garage and get it ready for Auntie Camp!

Planning... this year, we'll be tie-dyeing t-shirts again, and making macram√© plant hangers and/or doing some simple weaving. And it might be Sister Camp, as well!

Reading/Pages... The Best Cook in the World: Tales From my Momma's Table by Rick Bragg. I just read about how to make hog jowls and collard greens. Yep.

Reading/Audio... Calypso by David Sedaris.

Sewing... I plan to sew those in-seam pockets in my FAME dress over the weekend. And possibly start another dress! The sew/vac repair shop across the street from Ali's coffee shop has another location where they sell fabric & machines -- Baby Lock is the brand they carry -- and I stopped by on Tuesday night to take a look. There are one or two contenders from the four or five in my price range. Holy cow.

Watching... did you catch the premiere of Making It hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman?? I enjoyed it, am glad I don't have to judge, and didn't expect to cry.

Wondering... What's up in your world?



So.much.good! And, thank you for sharing Katrina Rodabaugh! I did not know about her. Have an awesome weekend.


Great post Vicki! Like Kat, thanks for sharing the info on Katrina...the book looks awesome and I may need to pre-order as well.


I, too, love Katrina and have also pre-ordered her book. I'm about to tackle a Major Mending Project for Tom -- bringing new life to his "lucky" fishing base-layer. He doesn't care what it looks like . . . as long as I keep the "lucky" in the shirt! :-D Have a great weekend, Vicki! XO

Honore Francois

You have a lot goING on...and glad your tendinitis is not getting worse! Enjoy your studio space remake and spending time with your kiddles.


Isn't it great when kids come home for the weekend?! I never know when/if Justin will stop by, but an unexpected visit is always a treat. I'm looking forward to Auntie Camp, maybe a new sewing machine, and watching Making It. I've been waiting to see it for a long time and then completely forgot about it!

Susanne Scheurwater

I loved the first episode of "Making". It was fun and I did tear up too!!! Can't wait for Episode 2 and so on.


Oh yes, I am too looking forward to Auntie Camp! You alway do such great stuff with the kids! Good luck with the sewing machine shopping. Today's possibilities are so much broader than they ever were!(I wouldn't know where to begin!)

Kim Dean

Several of my friends are reading /have read "Calypso." I might have to look into it myself. . .

Robby H.

I try to ignore most of the "creative space" posts in various places, especially the ones from professional bloggers. My creative space is my dining room table for the most part. Even IKEA isn't going to change that, but I have fun there when I have time, so it works for me.

Now, baseball?! Is there a minor league team nearby or are you headed to see the Brewers?


Those are great things - you are busy with the making and the planning and the adulting!

Robin F

Looking forward to your fun filled month. I was anticipating 'Making it", set my DVR but was disappointed in the show- mostly because it wasn't what I was expecting. I wanted to learn about all the crafts not see a competition. I love Nick Offerman but I'm not a fan of Amy's. She doesn't know anything about crafts-why is she there? That said I loved some of the creations and the imaginations of the artists.


I love all the making going on in your life right now!! well, except for the hog jowls. but I don't think you'll actually make those, just reading about making those, right? ;-)


I'm going to have to find Making! You've got some great things going on there Vicki! I'm weighing taking a intro to sewing class this fall. Though I've been taught it was a very, very long time ago!

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