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Un- (and re-) raveled: TTL Mystery Shawl 2018

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It's an FO and, oh, I couldn't be happier!


There are sections of this shawl that are "true lace" -- at least what I've come to know as that, meaning that there is stitch manipulation on both wrong- & right-side rows, not just purling across the wrong side -- and my first time ever knitting "true lace"!


It was truly a joy to knit along on this project and I think a big reason for that was the slower pace, with clues released over a period of six weeks.

I knit as usual... risky! I never used a lifeline, and didn't add stitch markers until the end -- and thank goodness because they really helped when those few stitches got away from me last week.


There was an optional extended version for people with an extra bit of yarn, and that is what I did.


The bind-off was a pretty little picot-like flower, and I used a stretchy (k2tbl) bind-off for the stitches between the flowers, so it blocked out quite large. I was fairly vigorous with the blocking, but I didn't take it as far as I could have. I love the shape! This would be beautiful in one color, and would make a lovely wedding shawl.


Same as last time (from the slowest reader in the west): The Best Cook in the World: Tales From my Momma's Table by Rick Bragg, and getting close to the end of Calypso (audio) by David Sedaris.


Robby H.

The shawl is lovely, and a very generous piece of knitting. Kudos for keeping up-ish.


That shawl is so very, very beautiful! I'm working on Evening in Paris right now but have purchased several patterns that I want to try. Ever since I finished my Lake Country Throw I've become determined to up my knitting game. I've also been getting ready for this season's scoreboards. I can't believe football is just a few weeks away. :-)



That shawl is a work of art. Just beautiful. I love the colors too. Anything blue is always good for me.


What a gorgeous finish Vicki! Love the colors you chose. It will look great with so many different outfits - dressed up or down. It's magical!!


The shawl is just stunning! I love the colors your choose and your knitting is flawless!


It is just gorgeous, Vicki!!! I love the color combination you chose -- it reminds me of a summer sky! Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. XO


Oh, Vicki!! Your shawl is GORGEOUS!! I am so with you on the more relaxed pace for clue release! It was such a joy to knit! Kirsten is a lace-work genius and this time she really blew me away! I too, loved the true-lace parts!


A beautiful finish, Vicki! I think we all enjoyed the more manageable pace of this year's MKAL (even those of us who are still binding off ;-)

Robin F

Your shawl is showstopping! I've yet to start mine as I'm busy with my Camp Loopy project. Love the colors of your shawl also.


Pro job on blocking! Yarn choices would be hip to wear with jeans. Rhinebeck already?! Lucky you.


This shawl is one of the most beautiful Mysteries yet! Kristen really out did herself and you really did a beautiful job of knitting REAL lace and blocking it perfectly. I am the slowest knitter in the west and it would be fun to tackle this project. Beautiful, just beautiful (which an elegant thrown in!)!

Kim Dean

Yeah, my cats would jump up on that mannequin to get at that shawl.

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