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Unraveled / 3TT: Macrame / Eye Candy Friday

Doing an all-in-one post this week!!

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Joining Kat & the Unravelers...


I washed my Rhinebeck Sweater gauge swatches, and the numbers didn't really change much.


I'm going to try going up a needle size and see what happens. Stitch count is spot on, but rows are significantly off and there's a fair bit of shaping in the sweater that I currently have in mind. I suppose I could do a little math/calculating... that takes a pretty specific frame of mind that's definitely not my normal frame of mind. Haha. Loving how that yarn is knitting up, though, and I'm determined to use it!


The TTL Mystery Shawl is still waiting to be fixed. (I hope I can fix it!)


I am still reading The Best Cook in the World: Tales From my Momma's Table by Rick Bragg, and listening to Calypso by David Sedaris, and enjoying them both quite a lot! I would say that memoir is my favorite genre, so that's really no big surprise.

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Joining Carole and friends for Three on Thursday...

After threatening to do it -- and wanting to do it -- for years, I finally did a little macramé! Three photos:


I recently bought new curtains for the front room & love how much lighter & brighter & less lacey it is. I keep noticing -- and keep forgetting -- to remove the price tag from the panel on the front door! Or I could just channel Minnie Pearl...

It's not always the most photogenic of crafts, y'know? This was very simple, completely made up/from memory, and the very best thing was Kate's reaction when I took it upstairs. You just made that? Like, just now?? 

I did, even though there are a few other things I currently vying for attention (such as fixing dropped stitches on my TTL Mystery Shawl, hemming my Gypsum Skirt, sewing up another Geranium Dress)... I might do macramé with the boys for Auntie Camp (Aug. 17-18!~) and figured I should make sure I still had the skillz.

I do. It's like riding a bicycle!

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While I was up on Kate's porch, I noticed the pergola. I've been up there many times over the last few years, but never just hanging out, so it was cool to take in the view from a different angle.


Not bad, I thought. Then I noticed it again after the lights came on at dusk.


These would look good on the Airbnb listing!

Not kidding! Also, not ready for lodgers -- yet! As established, Kate's renting the upstairs apartment, but she already knows that she's going to be gone for chunks of time -- some significant -- and it actually occurred to us both, separately, that Airbnb could be an option. Now that we've found ourselves on the same page, it's a rather exciting concept, and I'm thinking about it a lot. I don't really know how much demand there is in my area, but being only 20 miles from Lambeau Field is a definite plus... and it's been interesting to think of our house/property/location in terms of "selling it." We're excited to give it a go... sometime (there are a few things that need to be done first)!

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Eye Candy Friday...


Those are just two of some achingly sweet photos that Ali shared on Wednesday afternoon. Lordy, I'm a lucky one...

Happy Weekend!!



This post is full of so much goodness! (except that Mystery Shawl!! Gah!! I about had a heart attack looking at it!! I am channeling all the knitting mojo I have and beaming it your way so the fix WORKS!!)

And, I don't call it luck, my friend... your karma is splendid and overflowing! XO


What a great post! Love those pics of the kiddos at the end - such sweetness and beauty. And I love the look of your pergola from above - it looks magical with the lights. I think macramé is all trendy again, isn't it? I remember doing that decades ago (and I wonder whatever happened to all the plant holders I made).


I, too, made some macrame plant hangers back in the day --- some with BEADS!!!! :-) Your pergola is just beautiful -- lights and no lights. I'll be eager to hear about your Airbnb experience, once you kick things off. And those kids! Oh . . . those kids! XOXO

Julia in kw

Great post! Ack! The fixing! This is the first lace in a long time that I actually ran lifelines...I was lucky to not need to use them. I had one shawl that I somehow didn’t completely catch a thread but was able to do some mending after the fact and it is not noticeable in the least (to anyone but me as far as I know). Love your gazebo!

Robby H.

Your swatch yarn is gorgeous! Is it one of your dye projects?


So much good stuff Vicki! (except for that mystery shawl ... yikes. and good luck!) Love seeing those matching kiddos ... bare feet and green grass, too! Have a lovely weekend!


Oh, those macrame plant holders! Brings me right back to summer camp when I was 12. Love the photos of the grandkids and as for your Airbnb - Dale and I will book!!

Robin F

I'm smiling from all the goodness in this blog-except for the TTL's oops. I remember doing macramé- similar plant holder with big wooden beads on the bottom tail. Happy smiles on the kiddos match the happy patterns on their duds. Your location seems made for a BnB- good luck with that.
Love the pergola! I can imagine sitting there with a glass or two of wine. Have a wonderful weekend.


"Achingly sweet photos" is a perfect description! Those kids....you are a lucky one. The pergola looks like a lovely place to spend the evening and it's imbued with the joy your family leaves there after you've had some good time together. I don't think doing macrame would be like riding a bike (for me), although, I do remember what a half hitch and a square knot are. :)

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