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Weekending: Family

I helped Kate move some big stuff (specifically, her mattress) from the storage unit to the apartment, so Maddy could take over the guest room over the weekend. There are still a few big things to move, but the weather's been awful and Kate needs to return the borrowed truck... because she's leaving this week on a road trip to L.A. with a friend.

(There is no moss growing under that girl.)

(Any of my girls.)

The weekend was largely spent in the company of this crew, give or take...


That's not the best photo, technically speaking, but the SMILES show through loud & clear... and that makes it THE BEST! We sure have fun together... and, yes, Mack is still completely smitten with that baby. He & Addie had a great week at camp, and Ann & Brian enjoyed their time away in NOLA!


Maddy had an excellent adventure with her campers, in & around the Apostle Islands for nearly two weeks, and it was so great to see her so happy & relaxed. They had great weather except for one day, and they had three bear encounters all on one day... YIKES! Get it over with!! She's bound for Oregon in 3 short weeks!

On Sunday, Kate & Al took the boys to see Christopher Robin. (They liked it... was a bit melancholy.) It was Junah's first experience at the theater since our unsuccessful go at Cars 3 over a year ago. At one point yesterday, Ali wrote, "Two potty breaks and one drink refill so far... never got so much exercise at a movie!" Haha.

Annie & I took charge of the girls for those few hours!


We took a walk, played with blocks, read some books... Annie napped with Malina... it was really great!

Despite the busy weekend, I managed to get a little "me" time, too.


I cast on and started auditioning/swatching my Rhinebeck Sweater! I've finished one of two swatches and still need to block, but stitch gauge is spot on so far... not so much with the row gauge. I'll need to figure out how crucial and/or what adjustments to make on this particular sweater... or choose a different one!

Apparently over-excited about how close I am to the bind-off, I dropped a section of stitches on the TTL Shawl late last night -- too late to really even think about fixing it (I think I can fix it); hopefully, that will get back on track this evening.

I never got around to adding the pockets to my FAME dress, either, but it's on the short list for Wednesday!

Ann & family are back in Madison for the next 10 days; then return for a final few days mid-August before their departure for Spain on the 21st. WHOOSH!




What a wonderful, wonderful weekend! Time does fly far too fast when you are having that much fun; enjoy it all!
P.S. Justin had one bear encounter last week, along with the excitement of a rattlesnake encounter the next day. I'll have to tell him about Maddie's three bears in one day!


Those smiling faces are just the best! :)


That weekend sounds like a whirlwind of fun!


Oh, Vicki! How wonderful! There's no time like family time. XOXO


What a fun and smile-filled weekend ... and RHINEBECK 2018!!!! (and I can't believe you found time to knit on your mystery shawl - hope you get it back on track without too much bother :-)


You summer goes faster than any I've ever seen! NO moss on your FAMILY! I love the happy faces in this post! That Gin. Is that really her? She has grown so quickly. Can't wait to hear more about Auntie Camp!

Robby H.

Whoosh, indeed! But aren't all the best times 'whoosh times'?


You are all living life to the fullest! So much fun!

Robin F

Sounds like the summer is flying by for all of you. Love Gin's dress. Hope you get your pockets in. I'm gonna use my Beekeeper sweater for Rhinebeck-my first time going.


I opened my Feedly for the first time in years today and here you are - and you're coming to Rhinebeck this year? Yay!!

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