Sewing: Mickey's 90th

Cute kid pics

Still hanging onto summer here, which is easy to do when the daily high temp is still climbing into the 80s. It's been sunny and quite lovely -- except for the mosquitos, which have arrived en force thanks to all the rain we had a couple of weeks ago (there are areas of the state that are still dealing with flooding from all that). Still, it's not a hurricane... and I'm thinking all the good thoughts for those impacted by Florence.

It's easy to feel the summer feels when there are still photos to process! I have many to share over the next few posts, including the debut of a brand new shutterbug.

But first, there was a little preview of a quick photo shoot with the kids before Ali & I took the kids to Bay Beach last month. Junah, Ginny, and Malina are wearing coordinating outfits that Annie brought for them from Spain -- so adorable!


Oh, my heart. Gin wasn't happy until she was holding the baby, and if Junah gives Malina a kiss, then Gin will, too! And then, the palm-reader photo that means ENOUGH! Haha.

Mack & Addy had to jump in, too!


Oh my heart, again! I just love all the love and smiles.

_ _ _ _ _

I'm moving a little better -- able to stretch and extend more -- every day. The massage was great the other day, and I've another one scheduled in a couple of weeks. My shoulder is still quite stiff & sore, though, and it's been tough to knit (among other things). I finished my Mitered Crosses and mailed them off to Kat on Wednesday, but I've not knit at all some days... I managed two rows on my Savage Heart Cardigan last night.

So, geez, I guess I'll be taking it easy again this weekend! I'm planning to run around the city-wide rummage sale with Ali for a while tomorrow, and Rusty will be returning from his week-long teaching gig in Door County. I'm also planning to roast some tomato sauce, and there's a Packer game on Sunday! Have a great weekend!



Love those cute kid photos and all those kisses! Take it easy and I hope you find some treasures this weekend!


Those kids are all so adorable! I got your squares today! Yay! Now you rest and have a wonderful weekend!

Robby H.

Smiles for miles! So glad you got photos of these precious moments. Equally happy to hear you're improving, even if not at a rapid pace.


Great photos, Vicki! and so glad to hear you're healing. I also love hearing about your "hanging on to summer" weather. I was in Madison for the last time exactly a year ago and it was delightful!


Those pictures are adorable and really capture everyone's personalities! I hope your shoulder continues to improve, enjoy your weekend and rest up!

Robin F

Great photos of the kids. Gin is looking like you now. Sorry your shoulder is still a bother. Try some Arnica gel on it.


You have a busy weekend ahead! So good to hear your shoulder is recovering nicely and that you're taking care of it. LOVE every photo. I can imagine how each and everyone fill your heart with joy and they each bring to mind a story.


That photo of Gin is a keeper! :-) I hope you're feeling even better after the weekend!


Oh, those kiddos!!!! Just so, so wonderful. XOXO
Take care of yourself, Vicki. I'm glad you're healing -- although it's never quite fast enough, is it?
(And mosquitos? Oh, my. We're up north - where it's also been raining more than not this summer -- and the mosquitos are just BRUTAL.)

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