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Getting things done

Saturday was a day highly anticipated around here (at least for me) -- it was so important that I'd added it to my Google Calendar so I wouldn't miss it: Local Electronics Recycling Day!! I had three vacuum cleaners, a bag plump full of cords & connectors & chargers & remotes, plus an old drill that I have been eager to dispose of (and I'm sure I could have dug a little deeper and found even more)! I was a little late on my departure from home, but that actually turned out to be a good thing -- I drove right up to the drop-off point and was on my way in no time. Last time, I was in a line of waiting cars that stretched around the block.


It was a gorgeous day and with a little more time on my hands than anticipated, I suggested to Kate that we call around and rent a small Uhaul to move the rest of her bigger furniture from the storage unit. We ended up having to drive to Green Bay, but we were given a brand new cargo van -- 57 miles on the odometer when we got it -- and we got the job done. It was so new that the "new car" smell was a bit overwhelming and we had to open the windows!

Rusty & I drove out to the Forst Inn in Tisch Mills for their 1st Anniversary Gala on Saturday evening. It was a lovely drive, and the celebration was fun.


There's definite change afoot. Are you feeling it? We could see it just a bit as we took the drive -- there's a ways to go before we're full-on fall around here, but it's coming.


Perhaps a bit ahead of ourselves, Junah and I worked on a seasonal banner last week -- it was supposed to have some fall leaves along with the turkeys, but we were shorted that element in the kit, so it has much more "Thanksgiving" than "Autumn" flavor. (Reminder to self: Avoid the felt/glue combo!) I love this turkey's jaunty hat band!

Similar to Kat, I somehow wound up with more stitches than required when it was time to start the lace pattern on Savage Heart (despite having just verified -- by counting -- that I was on track) and I took care of it in much the same manner as she, too. I'm currently just a couple rows shy of the exciting 3-needle bind-off that will join the two sides!! I'm really excited to have a new sweater for myself!

Finally, this caught my eye as I passed through the kitchen last night:


It's a mug that Annie gave me quite a few years ago with photos of Mack & Addie that mostly I'd taken, and this "decorated mug" cracked me up.

I hope you had a great weekend!



I love a weekend where you accomplish stuff and have fun, too! Good job on all counts.


It certainly felt like fall this weekend! So glad you had such a productive (and fun!) weekend. XO

Robby H.

The first year our recycling center offered a free day for electronics I waited in line for TWO HOURS. It was frustrating, but I was really annoyed when a couple of weeks later I learned they were taking them all the time and the less than $20 it would have regularly cost me to pay for them an any day would have been money well spent on my Saturday morning. Live and learn.

I think it's nice that Mr. Turkey will get extra time to be with you all before his time is UP and he's on the carving board (or at least a relative is).


Here is hoping that our stitch count fixes are just FINE! I can't wait to see your sweater! :)

(Also, I love feeling empowered to do just what we did to fix our problems - there was a time when I would have been stymied by this issue!)


That is a darn good weekend - getting rid of stuff, moving stuff, and fun stuff! I am looking forward to that exciting 3-needle bind-off on your Savage Heart. (I keep wanting to call it Brave Heart for some reason, but whatever the name, it's going to be lovely!)


What a great weekend. Love that mug! And your turkeys (complete with jaunty hat band) are great (but yeah...felt and glue...). Can't wait to see your sweater!

Robin F

Thanks for sharing. love the Turkey pendants- they are predicting a shortage of turkeys this year for thanksgiving due to the flooding in N.C. We are nowhere near fall here-temps in the 90's. I'm looking forward to Rhinebeck. Your mug is precious.


When thing on the list get the check mark beside them it sure feels good. With cooler temperatures, we have a certain sense of autumn and when I saw the golden aspens this past weekend, I knew fall was in the bag. Looking forward to your "Rhinebeck sweater"!!!

Kim Dean

Great Fall colors. I'm so over this 80- and 90-degree weather.

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