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v. to give oneself to the enjoyment of

My knitting has been limited -- a row or two or four, at best, most evenings -- but it occurred to me the other day that I could possibly reframe my thinking.

Perhaps I am savoring my knitting right now... giving myself to the enjoyment of knitting!

Last night, I savored the deliciousness of 3-needle bind-off!! Blocking is going to make a huge difference there, and I'm so excited.

I also bound off the neck edge, but blocking was not going to help that situation, so I tinked it and will re-try this evening.

Oh my gosh, SO CLOSE!

_ _ _ _ _

At this time last year, I was savoring this project:


Some might have called it "obsessed." Haha. I've had my Alabama Chanin Car Coat project at hand for a while now, and I think I'm soon going to dive head-long into that with the Wisconsin Blingfish frame of mind.

And this:


Last September, I took the first of two trips to St. Louis. There are no firm plans, but the idea for a third trip has suddenly reared, having just learned about Ruth Asawa: Life's Work at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation. The exhibition runs until mid-February, so I'm thinking after the holidays... but I'm so excited already! I saw a few of her pieces at the de Young Museum in 2010 when I visited with Celia and it would be amazing to see her "life's work." Oh my.

_ _ _ _ _

I have an appointment with a highly recommended physical therapist tomorrow morning. I'm excited about that, too.

Getting things done

Saturday was a day highly anticipated around here (at least for me) -- it was so important that I'd added it to my Google Calendar so I wouldn't miss it: Local Electronics Recycling Day!! I had three vacuum cleaners, a bag plump full of cords & connectors & chargers & remotes, plus an old drill that I have been eager to dispose of (and I'm sure I could have dug a little deeper and found even more)! I was a little late on my departure from home, but that actually turned out to be a good thing -- I drove right up to the drop-off point and was on my way in no time. Last time, I was in a line of waiting cars that stretched around the block.


It was a gorgeous day and with a little more time on my hands than anticipated, I suggested to Kate that we call around and rent a small Uhaul to move the rest of her bigger furniture from the storage unit. We ended up having to drive to Green Bay, but we were given a brand new cargo van -- 57 miles on the odometer when we got it -- and we got the job done. It was so new that the "new car" smell was a bit overwhelming and we had to open the windows!

Rusty & I drove out to the Forst Inn in Tisch Mills for their 1st Anniversary Gala on Saturday evening. It was a lovely drive, and the celebration was fun.


There's definite change afoot. Are you feeling it? We could see it just a bit as we took the drive -- there's a ways to go before we're full-on fall around here, but it's coming.


Perhaps a bit ahead of ourselves, Junah and I worked on a seasonal banner last week -- it was supposed to have some fall leaves along with the turkeys, but we were shorted that element in the kit, so it has much more "Thanksgiving" than "Autumn" flavor. (Reminder to self: Avoid the felt/glue combo!) I love this turkey's jaunty hat band!

Similar to Kat, I somehow wound up with more stitches than required when it was time to start the lace pattern on Savage Heart (despite having just verified -- by counting -- that I was on track) and I took care of it in much the same manner as she, too. I'm currently just a couple rows shy of the exciting 3-needle bind-off that will join the two sides!! I'm really excited to have a new sweater for myself!

Finally, this caught my eye as I passed through the kitchen last night:


It's a mug that Annie gave me quite a few years ago with photos of Mack & Addie that mostly I'd taken, and this "decorated mug" cracked me up.

I hope you had a great weekend!

Is this a knitting blog?

The knitting has been (literally) painfully slow, but it's happening.


That's a totally photoshopped mirrored image of my Savage Heart Cardigan from a while back (it's that or more pics of or by the kids -- haha!), but it's pretty much the truth and just about where I stand... getting close! The first half is currently waiting to be bound to the second half, which has one 4-row repeat to go until the 8-row "fancy" chevron part, then a little ribbing to finish the neckline, and applied i-cord to finish the hem.

By default, I think this is going to be my Rhinebeck Sweater (ONE MONTH!). I had planned on knitting another, but it's not going to happen. I might still start it...

I went to the doc (PA) on Wednesday for a check on my shoulder and we think that all is good. Even though it sometimes hurts to move, I have good range of motion and at least a little strength in all areas, and there still seems to be a little bit of improvement every day. There have even been brief periods this week when I realize that I'm not feeling pain, at least for a for a few minutes and/or in a certain position, and it's such a relief.

Have a great weekend! Once again, I will be taking it as easy as I can...

New shutterbug amongst us

Junah was fascinated by my camera last week when I got it out to take to the park, and he wanted to take some photos, too. I put it on Auto and handed it over...

Through the Eyes of Junah







He was very careful with the camera and it was adorable to watch & listen to him.
"Want me to take your picture??"

Sewing: Mickey's 90th

Mickey Mouse was everywhere this summer -- did you notice? Well, I don't get out much, but notably in my world at Target and Joann Fabrics. It's Mickey's 90th birthday... and I can only imagine what that means for 2028!! We've a soft spot for that guy around here, which hearkens back to my childhood and the nickname "Mouse," given to me by my dad; he didn't mean Mickey Mouse, just that I was as small as a mouse, but everyone else translated it that way and I used to get a lot of Mickey-related gifts.

Well, I fell for it. It started with a fat quarter bundle and an adorable Geranium Dress/Top for Malina, and continued with similar for Ginny. Junah wanted in on the action, too! Specifically, he wanted a dress... which I did cut out but haven't sewn up yet. I got sidetracked by a Hawaiian Shirt for him, instead!

I finished the shirt in July!


I found the perfect vintage buttons and used red thread -- love how that turned out.


The buttonholes should have been made a tad larger, but Junah was able to button it himself the other day... with some gentle reassurance that it was definitely tricky and all my fault and he was doing great!

Here are all three pieces:


They've been hanging in my workroom for WEEKS. I finally finagled all the kids into their Mickey duds on Wednesday when we headed to the park.


In SUPER coordinated fashion -- with each other and the stroller and the bicycle!! Haha!

I took some photos ~~~~


Um, yeah. That's the way it goes sometimes! (And the kids -- poor girls, especially -- have been eaten alive by mosquitoes!)

We tried again at home with slightly better results:


Though you see more of Malina's diaper (actually, emergency use of one of Ginny's pull-ups) than dress!

I had a blast sewing those pieces, and have quite a bit more fabric... so maybe some Christmas sewing is in my future.

Cute kid pics

Still hanging onto summer here, which is easy to do when the daily high temp is still climbing into the 80s. It's been sunny and quite lovely -- except for the mosquitos, which have arrived en force thanks to all the rain we had a couple of weeks ago (there are areas of the state that are still dealing with flooding from all that). Still, it's not a hurricane... and I'm thinking all the good thoughts for those impacted by Florence.

It's easy to feel the summer feels when there are still photos to process! I have many to share over the next few posts, including the debut of a brand new shutterbug.

But first, there was a little preview of a quick photo shoot with the kids before Ali & I took the kids to Bay Beach last month. Junah, Ginny, and Malina are wearing coordinating outfits that Annie brought for them from Spain -- so adorable!


Oh, my heart. Gin wasn't happy until she was holding the baby, and if Junah gives Malina a kiss, then Gin will, too! And then, the palm-reader photo that means ENOUGH! Haha.

Mack & Addy had to jump in, too!


Oh my heart, again! I just love all the love and smiles.

_ _ _ _ _

I'm moving a little better -- able to stretch and extend more -- every day. The massage was great the other day, and I've another one scheduled in a couple of weeks. My shoulder is still quite stiff & sore, though, and it's been tough to knit (among other things). I finished my Mitered Crosses and mailed them off to Kat on Wednesday, but I've not knit at all some days... I managed two rows on my Savage Heart Cardigan last night.

So, geez, I guess I'll be taking it easy again this weekend! I'm planning to run around the city-wide rummage sale with Ali for a while tomorrow, and Rusty will be returning from his week-long teaching gig in Door County. I'm also planning to roast some tomato sauce, and there's a Packer game on Sunday! Have a great weekend!


I continued to take it as easy as possible over the weekend! My shoulder continues to improve, but man does it ever ache sometimes! I'm amazed at how exhausting it is to be in constant pain and constantly aware of an injury and limitation. It was very helpful to have two days away from my desk/computer. Even though I vary my position... it's really not much of a variance. I sit and (comfortably) hold the mouse this way or that way, keyboard this far away or that far away. Heh. It feels so good to stretch out on the bed with my arm extended on and supported by a pillow, but I can't do that all day long! It's also been quite helpful to have someone willing to massage the area everyday... until today! Rusty's in Door County teaching a class at The Clearing Folk School all week, so I've made an appointment for a pro deep-tissue massage tomorrow evening. That'll be a great segue into my mid-week day off. I'm also hoping for some solid advice from the massage therapist. "Taking it easy" doesn't mean that I have been idle; I've been moving and stretching everyday, pushing but not too hard! Yesterday afternoon, I was able to put my hair in a ponytail without first lifting my arm to support it against a door frame -- with few twinges -- that's progress, and progress that I'd like to continue, and maybe she can help.

I spent a little farmer market time with Malina on Saturday -- at the market, at the nearby antique mall, then at home.


She's fitting into the Alabama Chanin onesie so nicely right now! It's getting so soft & cozy. She's smooshy & sweet, too!


We went up to visit Kate when Ali came over. I love how fabulously Kate & Malina coordinate with the porch sofa and with each other -- a study in reverse stockinette!


This little dumpling is starting to longingly gaze at food... all but reaching out & grabbing some. Getting close though, and with the teeth, too; she gnawed on my thumb for a good 15 minutes yesterday.

We had so many compliments on her little sweater when we were out. I'm excited to finish mine, though the knitting isn't exactly flying off the needles right now. I've been keeping at it as best I can without overdoing it (hopefully). I stopped just shy of binding off my second mitered square last night*, but finished it off this morning, and hope that I can get all the ends woven in and get them soaking yet this evening -- they'll be off to Philly on Tuesday or Wednesday at lastest (one or two days past my personal deadline). I try to vary my position while knitting, too, and take much more frequent breaks that I'm used to. Bleh. 

I spent Sunday afternoon out at Ali's at a little party she had for her employees & families -- but no photos! There were so many kids, including two newborns, and it was just fun to hang out. Ali had some activities, including stringing "O" cereals to make a necklace; the string she had was quite limp, though, and quickly frustrating to try and get it through a tiny sugar-crusted hole. I lamented that I didn't have my tote/knitting with me, but then recalled that I'd long ago stashed a few "emergency knitting notions" in my wallet -- and voila! I came up with the perfect needle to save the day. Ha ha!

*While watching the incredible resurrection of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers' second-half comeback to WIN THE GAME 24-23 (down 20-0 at halftime) after Aaron had been injured and carted off the field in the first half!

3TT: Favorites

Well, I fell on Saturday afternoon, while carrying Malina across a grassy area in a park, which turned out to be very uneven terrain. It looked fine -- grass was growing, it had obviously been growing for a while & had been mowed -- but there had apparently been work done there much earlier in the season and the ground had never been properly leveled. My foot went into a small hole/divot and I went down -- HARD -- on my right shoulder. Malina, on my left, was startled but unharmed (thankfully)! Luckily, Ali was there with the Coffee Camper and she fixed me up with a bag of ice right away. Man oh man, it hurt and I thought for a little bit that I might have dislocated my shoulder. I could move it -- painfully -- and that pretty much told me that it was not dislocated.

I nursed it with ice packs and ibuprofen on Sunday, and on Monday morning woke up to find an enormous bruise that covered my entire bicep area. It wasn't really any worse, but painfully slow at feeling any better, so I stopped at Urgent Care on Tuesday on my way home from work. They took three x-rays and determined that nothing was broken or severely damaged. It is finally feeling a little bit better today -- some positions are better than others.

I've been taking it easy when I can... really easy, like, I haven't even been thinking very hard! I'm so glad Monday was a holiday, and that yesterday was my day off. I think those days off have really helped.

So, anyway, here are three of my favorites from various times over the weekend:


That last photo is very meta... it looks to me like grown-up Ali is holding little baby Ali!! (I was sitting just outside with ice on my shoulder.)

Oh, yeah, and our weather finally broke! It's been hot and humid and SO RAINY... lots of flooding in the area. Not us, we are high & dry, but two coworkers were off the other day dealing with basement flooding. Today, it's sunny and low 70s, blue sky with pretty white clouds, and the forecast is for the same for as far as I can see.

I hope you're having a good week! I am very thankful that tomorrow is already Friday. Visit Carole's for more "Three Things on Thursday" posts!