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Is this a knitting blog?

The knitting has been (literally) painfully slow, but it's happening.


That's a totally photoshopped mirrored image of my Savage Heart Cardigan from a while back (it's that or more pics of or by the kids -- haha!), but it's pretty much the truth and just about where I stand... getting close! The first half is currently waiting to be bound to the second half, which has one 4-row repeat to go until the 8-row "fancy" chevron part, then a little ribbing to finish the neckline, and applied i-cord to finish the hem.

By default, I think this is going to be my Rhinebeck Sweater (ONE MONTH!). I had planned on knitting another, but it's not going to happen. I might still start it...

I went to the doc (PA) on Wednesday for a check on my shoulder and we think that all is good. Even though it sometimes hurts to move, I have good range of motion and at least a little strength in all areas, and there still seems to be a little bit of improvement every day. There have even been brief periods this week when I realize that I'm not feeling pain, at least for a for a few minutes and/or in a certain position, and it's such a relief.

Have a great weekend! Once again, I will be taking it as easy as I can...



That will be a gorgeous Rhinebeck sweater! Though I am not going to NY Sheep & Wool, I will be in that area next week!! I'm excited to get to some of the local yarn shops.

So glad you are healing and feeling better. Do take it easy and enjoy the weekend.


That is a lovely match of pattern and yarn! I'm glad to see knitting, kids, or whatever you choose to post about, and I'm especially glad to hear that you're improving, slowly but surely.


I think that will be the perfect Rhinebeck sweater! One you can take off when the weather warms up!

And, I am so glad to hear that your shoulder is doing better! I was so worried you had damaged your rotator cuff... here is to more healing this weekend! XO


I love the color of that yarn! I'm a super slow knitter and am currently working on Tegna, by working I mean I'm currently on the third restart (cast-on). I've never knit anything like this so it's super slow going. :-)

ps....hope your shoulder gets better soon!


That's great news from the doc (PA) and I'm already looking forward to enjoying Rhinebeck vicariously. I wish I could finish that sweater for you from here - it's gonna look/fit great!


p.s. super impressed with your PS skills!

Robby H.

Look at it this way, you have a good reason you don't have THE Rhinebeck sweater finished, and there'll be no last minute pressure to do so. Wishing you continued healing. That Grandma game is a full contact sport, but you protected the little one, so title well earned, even if a tad painful.


I hope it's cool enough for you to actually WEAR your Rhinebeck sweater! Glad the pain is going away, too.


Very nice sweater - I need to look into buying that pattern (quite doubtful I could figure it out from the child version). Wish I were going to NY show . . . someday, someday.
These days, any quirk or mishap causes aches and woes, aging is not for sissies. Especially if grandchildren are involved. Yikes!
Happy healing.


Very happy to hear that you're healing well, albeit slowly. After a fall like that it's amazing you'll have a sweater for Rhinebeck, even if it isn't the one you wanted. Keep healing, Vicki!

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