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v. to give oneself to the enjoyment of

My knitting has been limited -- a row or two or four, at best, most evenings -- but it occurred to me the other day that I could possibly reframe my thinking.

Perhaps I am savoring my knitting right now... giving myself to the enjoyment of knitting!

Last night, I savored the deliciousness of 3-needle bind-off!! Blocking is going to make a huge difference there, and I'm so excited.

I also bound off the neck edge, but blocking was not going to help that situation, so I tinked it and will re-try this evening.

Oh my gosh, SO CLOSE!

_ _ _ _ _

At this time last year, I was savoring this project:


Some might have called it "obsessed." Haha. I've had my Alabama Chanin Car Coat project at hand for a while now, and I think I'm soon going to dive head-long into that with the Wisconsin Blingfish frame of mind.

And this:


Last September, I took the first of two trips to St. Louis. There are no firm plans, but the idea for a third trip has suddenly reared, having just learned about Ruth Asawa: Life's Work at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation. The exhibition runs until mid-February, so I'm thinking after the holidays... but I'm so excited already! I saw a few of her pieces at the de Young Museum in 2010 when I visited with Celia and it would be amazing to see her "life's work." Oh my.

_ _ _ _ _

I have an appointment with a highly recommended physical therapist tomorrow morning. I'm excited about that, too.


Robby H.

Wishing you a successful PT visit as you savor many good things.


I think PT is just what you need! AND... that fish is just as stunning today as it was a year ago!


Physical therapists are magical. I hope you'll have success at your appointment!


Reframing can make a huge difference for things and I hope it helps with your mindset!


That fish!!! Savor - such a lovely word. Months ago I was noticing I had not knit very much...BUT I was enjoying the process. A refreshing way of looking at things.


Here's to excellent PT and savoring of all the good things!


I'm a PT wonder from 6 years ago! They will get the job done. And savoring...we should savor more!


Hope the PT is able to help you with your arm.


In the last 15 years, I've had rotator cuff surgery and 2 knee replacements. My PT was a godsend! Sometimes it was painful, and each "recovery" took weeks (even months), but I did get back to full functioning. SO worth it!


I'm savoring my knitting right now, too . . . having done something to my wrist over the weekend. (Drat.) The fish. Oh, Vicki. The fish! It is a thing of beauty. And I'm so happy to hear you're beginning PT. Hard work -- but usually very worth it! XO

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