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I continued to take it as easy as possible over the weekend! My shoulder continues to improve, but man does it ever ache sometimes! I'm amazed at how exhausting it is to be in constant pain and constantly aware of an injury and limitation. It was very helpful to have two days away from my desk/computer. Even though I vary my position... it's really not much of a variance. I sit and (comfortably) hold the mouse this way or that way, keyboard this far away or that far away. Heh. It feels so good to stretch out on the bed with my arm extended on and supported by a pillow, but I can't do that all day long! It's also been quite helpful to have someone willing to massage the area everyday... until today! Rusty's in Door County teaching a class at The Clearing Folk School all week, so I've made an appointment for a pro deep-tissue massage tomorrow evening. That'll be a great segue into my mid-week day off. I'm also hoping for some solid advice from the massage therapist. "Taking it easy" doesn't mean that I have been idle; I've been moving and stretching everyday, pushing but not too hard! Yesterday afternoon, I was able to put my hair in a ponytail without first lifting my arm to support it against a door frame -- with few twinges -- that's progress, and progress that I'd like to continue, and maybe she can help.

I spent a little farmer market time with Malina on Saturday -- at the market, at the nearby antique mall, then at home.


She's fitting into the Alabama Chanin onesie so nicely right now! It's getting so soft & cozy. She's smooshy & sweet, too!


We went up to visit Kate when Ali came over. I love how fabulously Kate & Malina coordinate with the porch sofa and with each other -- a study in reverse stockinette!


This little dumpling is starting to longingly gaze at food... all but reaching out & grabbing some. Getting close though, and with the teeth, too; she gnawed on my thumb for a good 15 minutes yesterday.

We had so many compliments on her little sweater when we were out. I'm excited to finish mine, though the knitting isn't exactly flying off the needles right now. I've been keeping at it as best I can without overdoing it (hopefully). I stopped just shy of binding off my second mitered square last night*, but finished it off this morning, and hope that I can get all the ends woven in and get them soaking yet this evening -- they'll be off to Philly on Tuesday or Wednesday at lastest (one or two days past my personal deadline). I try to vary my position while knitting, too, and take much more frequent breaks that I'm used to. Bleh. 

I spent Sunday afternoon out at Ali's at a little party she had for her employees & families -- but no photos! There were so many kids, including two newborns, and it was just fun to hang out. Ali had some activities, including stringing "O" cereals to make a necklace; the string she had was quite limp, though, and quickly frustrating to try and get it through a tiny sugar-crusted hole. I lamented that I didn't have my tote/knitting with me, but then recalled that I'd long ago stashed a few "emergency knitting notions" in my wallet -- and voila! I came up with the perfect needle to save the day. Ha ha!

*While watching the incredible resurrection of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers' second-half comeback to WIN THE GAME 24-23 (down 20-0 at halftime) after Aaron had been injured and carted off the field in the first half!



Oh my - what a sweet face! Hope the massage helps.


I love having a baby in my feed reader ... little Malina always makes me smile. Glad you're feeling better - the photo I saw on IG made me shudder - you were so lucky it was "just" a bruise! and YAY Packers! I heard ALL about the comeback at knitting today :-)


I hope you are sending them to Pittsburgh, not Philly! XOXO

Babies in handmade clothing are extra yummy! :D


I'm glad you are improving day by day; I just wish it could happen a little bit faster and without so much constant pain trying to get through your day. I love Malina in the AC onesie, and of course, her sweater. She's adorable in everything!


Oh, that little Malina! What an absolute sweetheart!!! XO
I hope your massage helps, and that healing speeds up. Pain . . . just zaps all the energy right out of you. Sending all the good juju.


That deep muscle pain can be so debilitating and I hope the massage and TLC you're giving/getting helps quickly! Malina has such a sweet face. They grow so-so-so quickly! In a blink they are a month, then two then, over a year old! Take care, Vicki!


Sorry your shoulder is still giving you problems. Hope the massage brings relief - it should! And I'm sure the therapist will have some good suggestions for you. Oh Malina! What a sweetie. LOVE the AC onesie and the cockleshell sweater is just darling.


You are so right about the draining effect of chronic pain, I hope you see continued and fast improvement. I hope Malina can start enjoying real food soon - I remember Hannah at that stage and I always felt terrible when I ate in front of her!


I"m glad you're making some progress! I'm beyond my personal deadline too and will be mailing tomorrow. :-) Hello Malina!

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