Right now: October!


Thing 1

Well, I tried... "Walk-in Wednesday" mammograms are still a thing, but there are limited slots (a change from last time I was able to take advantage) and it didn't work out yesterday, so, there's a scheduled mammogram appointment at the end of the month. I want to whine but instead I'll suck it up and Just Do It.

Thing 2

I might have to schedule another massage for that day, though! Probably not 90 minutes, but who knows... Yesterday was my second-ever 90-minute massage and the two couldn't have been more different! The first was very much in the realm of relaxation... sure, I had a few little issues, but mostly I was pretty blissed out. This time, it was much more therapeutic... very little of that blissful relaxed feeling, but pretty spectacular nonetheless.

Thing 3

I had a blast with the kids yesterday, even though we broke the rules... pointedly pointed out to us by a middle-schooler, of course. Rusty walked with the kids & me to pick up my car, then he drove it home while the kids and I decided to head to the local Skate Park. It's located right across the street from City Hall and both the Police & Fire Departments, and it's fun to keep an eye on things -- sometimes the fire doors are open and trucks move in and out, though we've never been there when they've actually gone out on a call! (One or more of us would probably start to cry from the shock.)


The Skate Park is for in-line skates or skateboards only... NO BIKES. Prior to the sign being pointed out (which I've actually read before but, obviously, promptly forgot), there were two or three other kids on riding around on their bikes. This was sort of an impromptu visit, and next time I'll definitely make sure there's a helmet involved!

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I'm sorry for the no mammogram slot. I know that once I'm mentally ready to get squished, I want to do it NOW, and not wait until later. But yes to another massage, and a bit of rule-breaking (with a helmet) at the skate park. Somebody has to show those middle-schoolers they don't know everything!


Okay. That picture of Junah-on-bike just made my day!!!! :-) Sorry about the mammogram. Because that is a major (if temporary) mental-setback. But cheers to another massage! (I get a therapeutic massage every 3 weeks. It's . . . kinda brutal. But so worth it. Almost like a Major Workout.) (And mine is tomorrow. . . ) XO

Robby H.

Ok, a little whining is within the realm of reason when one has psyched themselves up for a mammogram and then found they have to do it later. I had that happen once and it was annoying. I mean, I was thrilled I was not the person needing emergency imaging, but not happy overall. The clerk told me very quietly that there was another location in the next town that is exclusively for scheduled procedures and "they are very good at staying on schedule time-wise". Given that it takes the same amount of time to go to that scheduled clinic as to go the the hospital where they have random emergencies, I've never looked back.


So the good news about the postponed mammogram is the opportunity for another massage. (I've still never had a professional massage!) Love the kids at the skate park and I can just hear that middle school kid laying down the law. LOL


That park is too inviting to ignore. If it was me, I would have (surreptitiously?) done the same thing. (But then, try not to feel guilty? . . . darn those little voices.)
No comment on mammograms, they are uncomfortable enough.


You remind me I had better call and see if I need a prescription and an appointment or is I can just walk in, too. Rules! I could use a good massage, but I never can/could get into them. Love the Instagram video of Gin and Jun figuring out what to do on all that hilly stuff. So cute!

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