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Baby steps

My big news/accomplishment over the weekend is that I was able to wash my hair without needing to support/rest my arm on the shower wall -- not even once -- for the first time since I fell on 9/1. It wasn't pretty and it wasn't without discomfort, but I did it! Another PT appointment is coming up later this week, and I continue to do my exercises... mostly... except for that one that really hurts like hell most of the time.

I was "home alone" for much of Saturday and putzed around the house. I settled on organizing some of my knitting books and sorting through printed patterns. I am short several lifetimes in terms of all the patterns and yarn at my fingertips (though I am safe to say there is much more of the former than the latter). There's already pre-ordered yarn and two tote bags coming home with me from Rhinebeck this year, but I think I'm going to (try to) concentrate mostly on all of the lovely people, and on falafel and maybe even on artichokes french. I haven't had any of those the last few times because the line is always incredibly long... but there's far less chance to get in trouble when I'm standing in line, isn't there?! And the line sticks right out into a big thoroughfare, so it's like a knitter net. Ha. Yeah.


On Sunday, I watched a miserable Packer game at a sports bar with Kate. We've done that for every game this year except for the Bills game, when we took an opportunity to actually go to the game! Afterwards, we met Ali & Malina and headed down to Ikea in Oak Creek! She was really much happier than she looks... charming everyone! Late Sunday is definitely the time to go to Ikea. The drive wasn't too bad (would have been better without the rain) (I am so sick of the rain!), and the baby was a peach -- she sits in the cart like a champ! Like she's been doing it for weeks! Haha.



Hooray for washing your hair without support! It's a tough and scary lesson when we have to learn how big of an impact an injury can have. Keep going with those steps, PT, and exercises! I love seeing Malina in Knits, so keep sharing those photos, too!

Robin F

Nothing like washing your hair to help you feel more like yourself! Malina looks so cute I could cuddle her. My stash is definitely at the SABLE stage- Stash accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy! Don't get me started on my books and patterns- My new IKEA shelving with glass doors finally arrived (after 3 months and failed deliveries. When I get back from Rhinebeck they will be assembled and then the stash will have a new home! See you in NY I hope.


Baby steps are GREAT! And . . . speaking of baby . . . that little Malina is SUCH a SWEETHEART!!! XO


I'm happy to hear that you are making progress with your shoulder, I hope it's completely healed and you are pain free very very soon. Oh, that baby! What a cutie!


Oh Malina in knits is just such a joyful sight!! Glad to hear progress is being made on the shoulder front (albeit slower than you would like). Hope it is MUCH improved by Rhinebeck - you'll need that shoulder to carry "stuff!" LOL I was in Rhinebeck last week - what a charming town/village. Have fun!! The colors should be great by the time you arrive.


Yeah, we watched the Packer game too with great sadness! But, Malina in the knits is absolutely yummy!

And, YAY for support free hair washing!


So easy to see how that baby could steal the show! She looks so charming in her hand knits and that face....oh so very sweet and cute. Very happy to hear you're arm is improving, even if it is with baby steps. Rhinebeck! I am there with you in spirit! I hope the weather is perfect and you have an incredible time with ALL the knitters!

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