Hey, y'all. There's a wild & crazy "day off" ahead, but I wanted you to know that I haven't been receiving notification of comments for a couple of days. There's a "help ticket" in to Typepad, so we'll see what's up. I'm not ignoring you...

I'm off for a mammogram followed by a 90-minute massage... that seems like the perfect follow-up!!

Then I'm dropping my car off for routine service, and walking home where...

We're having "panpakes" for lunch at Kate's apartment with Ali & the kids.

And then I'll be watching the kiddos for a few hours while Ali's at work.

Giddyup, here we go... Woohoo!



I do like how you've arranged your list - a chore, followed by fun. Enjoy the massage, panpakes, and kiddos!


Enjoy your day! (And especially the massage. . . ) XO


I think those Typepad problems are universal, hopefully they will find a fix for you. Enjoy your day today, both the important and fun stuff!

Julia in kw

I need to remember to do that next time I have my mammogram scheduled...excellent idea!

Robby H.

When our local hospital finally got dedicated imaging equipment for mammograms, they had a promotion. If you got a certain number of ladies together for the same date, they would send a limo to pick you up and then later, deliver you to another destination or return you home. It was quickly the thing to do as there was a popular cafe in the next block that served champagne brunch all week long. A lot of folks took advantage of scheduling that limo home after brunch. Here's hoping your day was something worthy of a champagne toast.

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