Rhinebeck 2018
Unraveled: Another FO to show

FO: My Savage Heart

This was my other Rhinebeck Sweater!


I can't believe that's my first FO since August! Well, I guess I can... the days have been flying and the knitting has been limited, for one reason or another. That said, I'm wearing another FO around my neck today, fresh from a Sunday soak & dry, which will debut here later this week.


I think I'm pretty happy with it!! The yarn was acquired a few years ago from another blogger's stash sale. I'd used the same yarn to make a baby hat, and really liked it. It's been waiting for a purpose since then (and I still have a couple/few balls left). The mohair makes it the tiniest bit scratchy around my neck when I first put it on, but it's generally OK; it's also the mohair that also gives it the tiniest bit of a halo. And then there are all the bits & bobs of color.


I was wearing it here (and for most of the day) comfortably with a short-sleeved shirt underneath. It's very cozy. The center-back detail is also at center-front, but it's easier to see on the back. It's fairly subtle except for this area, and even that all but disappears if I'm wearing a dark shirt.



Now that looks like the perfect fall sweater, with the bits of color and mohair! Pretty soon you'll be wearing it with a turtleneck underneath, but let's not talk about that yet. Congratulations on a lovely FO!


I love it! It's perfect!!


That looks wonderful! Great job and I bet you'll wear this a LOT.


That is a beautiful sweater. I am a super slow knitter, wish I could get faster.


Awesome finish ... and debut, Vicki! I do love the yarn; those bits of color against the deep blue recall all the best parts of fall. Wear it well, my friend!


It looks great, Vicki! I just love all those bits and blobs of color mixed in with that blue. FABULOUS!


It’s great looking, especially the yarn, sorta ‘tweed-like’.
I thought about that pattern, did you find the adult size as easy as the kid’s?

Susanne Scheurwater

Love the sweater! How's the shoulder????


The color and the sheen of that yarn are just fabulous and details of the pattern really cool. Savage Heart looks like a great sweater to wear in all occasions and I'm happy to hear it had a great time at Rhinebeck.
I love the term "bits and bobs", which I used in a letter to a friend and she just laughed and laughed. "Where'd you get that saying?" I had no idea, but here you are using it. Wonder just where I did pick it up.

Robin F

Love how it looks on you. The colored bits give it a dress up look while it is still a casual sweater. Wear it in good health (a Yiddish saying)


GORGEOUS!!! Love this sweater Vicki!


Really pretty Vicki!

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