What big eyes you have...


Malina just turned 6 months old and (right on schedule) is beginning to sit! She's wearing one of my all-time favorite sweaters, The Garter Yoke Baby Cardi, which I originally knit for Junah! I'm always thrilled and a little amazed when I see handknits like this -- already worn by Junah & Ginny (and sometimes by Mack & Addie before them!) and still looking very fine (quality yarn FTW)! I'd knit the hat years ago as a photo prop, but don't think I'll be doing any photography other than personal stuff in the future, so off it goes. The yarn is Sisik by Dale (discontinued), the same yarn that I'm using for my Savage Heart Cardigan (aka, Rhinebeck Sweater).

Speaking of which, the two halves have been joined and are awaiting sewing up. While I pondered that situation, I sewed a few beads onto my Alabama Chanin Car Coat/Jacket the other day. I've also picked up Summer Camp, which I started in May; I just started the last repeat and ought to have a new scarf in time for NY!

That's about the extent of it. I am doing things, not over-doing things. I had my second PT appointment last night and things are going well. I am doing a few simple exercises, and he is doing dry needling, among other things. He's not as convinced as the PA that I saw that there isn't more significant damage... I am not very excited about the prospect of surgery... so we're trying this more "conservative" approach first and will just have to wait and see how effective it all is. Surgery, if actually needed, can wait; I have an appointment with my new doc for a physical early next month, at which time we can chat. So far, there has been improvement in varying degrees on all fronts -- pain, strength, range of motion -- though a new exercise/stretch is testing my mettle!



Malina just gets cuter and cuter and it's great that so many of your handknits have stood the test of time. I hope you don't need surgery but I know if you do that you will be in good hands.

Robby H.

What a fabulous picture of Malina! Here's hoping you can avoid surgery, but if it's the only option for full recovery, they've come a long way on all the joint stuff in the last 20 years.


Oh, little Malina! So, so adorable. XO
I'm so sorry to hear that there is a possibility of surgery looming out there . . . but . . . it's best to learn what's REALLY going on. Sending all the love.


Oh is this surgery talk for your shoulder when you fell trying to protect the baby? i've been gone so have been off the radar. Hope you are better soon for whatever it is!


Malina is really adorable; I love her thoughtful expression. I hope PT continues to bring improvement and your mettle triumphs over exercise and stretches!

Robin F.

Malina has changed so much. Not a little baby. How wonderful that your handmade sweaters are surviving to be passed down thru the family. Looking forward to seeing your Rhinebeck sweater in person. Good luck with the shoulder, those can be difficult injuries to heal.


Old sweaters on new babies are just so nice to see and appreciate, full of wonder at how long knitted objects will last.
Well I am reluctant to say that it took me 6 months of recovery for my shoulder. Though, I took an achy month first deciding to go to a PT person, and then in the middle of it I took another month to do hot tiring summer trips and obligations, but now finally, after seeing an orthopedist who gave an injection and declared there was no arthritis but it is an injury to the rotator cuff/muscles/tendons/ligaments (who knows exactly what or where) and then after more wonderful PT, it is feeling ten times better and I see strength. I see the end in sight. It is almost miraculous in this aging body!
So, I am recommending patience, diligent exercises, cautious movement as the PT person directs. Do not falter or give up hope. It can be done!
Good luck too.

Sarah Grosshuesch

Oiy. I had dry needle "therapy" on a shoulder also. Hated it. Glad to know it is working for you though.


Malina looks so intent. What a beautiful face! I hope your therapies and patience work as almost anything is better than surgery. Seeing your grandchildren wear all the sweaters you've knit through the years is so fun!

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