Baby steps
Ready or not...


My shoulder is feeling SO MUCH BETTER since I likely all but broke my big toe last night! There's a serious rainbow happening and it's pretty swollen... I'd show you, but those are weird photos and I haven't had a pedi since my DIY job back in May or June.

Is it weird that I started thinking about a colorway? Would you buy yarn in a color called My Technicolor Toe??

Here I was worried that I'd have trouble getting my luggage into an overhead bin, and now I've concerns about getting through the concourse and making connections -- not to mention navigating a huge sheep & wool festival in T-minus-10! I'm not really too concerned -- just being dramatic! I should be fine...

Seriously, I am not a klutz. A certain pair of name-brand thongs are on their way to the trash, though; that is the common denominator.



Oh my goodness!!!! I hope this is the last of your injuries and you travel to and from Rhinebeck without any incident!


Hopefully you've gotten all your bad luck out of the way, but I am sorry that it involved your toe. Safe travels, be careful, and have fun!


oh UGH!!! I just had a very fun time catching up with you (and the littles - oh my goodness - Malina's big eyes!) and I'm sorry it had to end on a black-and-blue note. Wishing you so much fun this weekend (and I do hope you get those artichokes french - I can't even really imagine what they must taste like) and safe travels!!

Robby H.

Here's hoping the ceremonial burning of your thongs puts an end to these episodes. I jammed my big toe once on some concrete stairs. When I limped home I called my dad the coach to ask how I would know if it was broken. He had me perform a couple of manuevers while asking if it hurt. Well, yes, it did. He informed me it wasn't broken because I hadn't screamed in pain at any point and RICE to the rescue. Hope you're better soon.


Oh, man. Seriously???? One morning - as I was headed to the charter bus for a trip to the Chicago Flower Show - I broke my toe. I shoved it in a good, supportive boot . . . and off I went. My doctor said that support is the key when it comes to broken toes -- so I say get out some good, stout walking shoes and DANCE your way through Rhinebeck. :-)
(At least it's not your "knitting arm" . . . )


Oh no!!!! I hope this is the last of any little upsets and your Rhinebeck trip will be lovely! There is all that yarn and those sheep to distract you from your toe... and yes, I might just buy a skein of My Technicolor Toe yarn!



NOOOOO! I hope you're able to get around without too much pain (and drama!)! Kym has the right idea. I hope it works and you have a lovely/rip-roaring good time! BUY YARN! lol

Cris Bjork

Yes, if the coloring would be anywhere close to what color my pinky toe was this summer. Lovely deep purples, blues with a slight tinge of greenishness, pretty sure you are seeing close to the same. My Chacos saved me with their firm sole and I to just kept moving.
Best distraction from pain is doing something you love. Wishing you much wooly distraction.

Robin F.

You can always get a signal to wheelchair you to the plane, added benefit is no standing on line at security. There are scooter rentals at Rhinebeck!

Robin F.

That should say skycap not signal!


Boo for your toe! Hopefully the pain will have decreased greatly by the time you head to Rhinebeck.

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