Baby steps

Right now: October!

It's been a while!

Looking back to Come What May... and June, July & August and the big plans I had... well, I think I did OK!

  • I spent as much time as possible -- a LOT OF TIME -- with my FAMILY! Some for only a few days, some for longer -- we made the best of every minute we had.
  • CSA deliveries began in June and continue for a few more weeks, and I couldn't love my farm/farmers more. It's been so great that Ali & I have signed up for the Fall & Winter shares, as well.
  • I traveled to NYC in June, and to Chicago a few times over the summer.
  • I finished Malina's quilt, and sewed at least one outfit for each of the grands.
  • Even if I didn't get to window coverings, as I'd hoped, I did finally do some macram√© -- and taught/inspired others!
  • Another fabulous Auntie Camp is in the books -- with more tie-dye to show for it than ever!
  • I participated in only one bicycling event, I didn't get the indigo planted, we didn't have a rummage sale, I didn't dye any yarn or fabric, and I didn't work on those aging mosaic tables.
  • Never say "never."

So, currently, I am...

Anticipating... (some of these) MOVIES! Mostly A Star is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody, but also Beautiful Boy, First Man, Boy Erased, Mary, Queen of Scots... and even Aquaman (that'll be a good one to see at Christmas time with the boys). Part of me wishes I liked scary/horror movies, because Jamie Lee Curtis.

Excited about... a quick run over to Algoma with Rusty & Kate this evening for the opening of a show curated by the latter at the James May Gallery.

Knitting... I am so close to finishing both Savage Heart (cardigan) and Summer Camp (scarf)! I feel as though I'm even slower at knitting than reading these days...

Looking forward to... a little jaunt over to Minneapolis early next month to see Gregory Alan Isakov in concert. He was my "most listened to" artist on Spotify last year, mainly because of his beautiful album Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphony. A couple of new tracks had been released in recent weeks, which "made me look" and, sure enough, I found TOUR DATES, and a new album, Evening Machines, was just released today!! I'd never actually read his bio until today... and it is fascinating! (If you click on only one link in this linkapalooza post, make it that one!)

Needing... to get some bookkeeping done.

Planning... a March trip to the UK & Spain! We plan to spend a few days on the north coast of Cornwall, which has been long on Rusty's list, and then head to Valencia for the last day or two of Falles, followed by some (quieter) visiting with Ann & fam.

Reading/Pages... I am still reading The Best Cook in the World: Tales From my Momma's Table by Rick Bragg. The other night I read about how to make possum. Yep. Nope.

Reading/Audio... Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks, and really enjoying it!


Wondering... What's up in your world?



You did more than OK! That looks like a lot of accomplishments, especially all the wonderful time spent with family! Thank you for the Gregory Alan Isakov links. I don't know how I've not heard of him before, but I'm surely glad I do now. I've added him to Spotify and there will be lots and lots of listening to him for me!


Mylo, Mylo, Mylo. Main floor powder room redo and in my mind I do a lot of sewing and knitting. The reality is I am slower than you. Thank goodness for audio books, although I have read a fair number of books this summer. I'm reading The October Stories by Ray Bradbury. I highly recommend, especially in October!

Robin F

You've had a busy summer and I've enjoyed it all except your fall. I'm knitting a lot-trying to get things ready for Rhinebeck. I'm loving Tom Hanks book on audible. Also looking forward to A Star is Born and still trying to see Life itself. Just finished Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult- disturbing read but worth it. I'm with you about scary movies- I just want to enjoy myself not get my blood pressure up. Looks like the kids had great weather to be at the park. We are sweating here with record high temps.


Sounds to me like you accomplished tons. And the other stuff can wait or get reassigned. Kym and I were just talking about movies last night and I'm really looking forward to A Star is Born PLUS Oscars!!


Wow! You did so much!! Except your Fall, all was good. Like Bonny, how have I never heard of Isakov? I just listened to some of his music and LOVE it. Thanks!! Very interesting bio as well

Kim Dean

I've got Tom Hanks' book in my To Read pile. Okay, To Read mountain. Everything I've heard about it has been positive.

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