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Unraveled: Another FO to show

Joining Kat & the Unravelers... for the first time in a while!


It's another -- my second -- Summer Camp... just in time for fall!


Here's a link to the first, which I wore a TON last winter.


The first had 15 stripes + edging and this one has 16 stripes + edging, making a significantly long scarf (around 95") even longer... the new one comes in at almost 14" more. It's long!!


Another thing I did differently was to make that extra section a stripe of a different color. In this case, it's the ninth stripe in the overall scheme of things, and it's a very light teal. Both the teal and the darker contrast color are also present in the yellow variegated yarn. I like that the stripe of a different color shows up near my face... total crap shoot!


Believe it or not, I'm almost finished with The Best Cook in the World: Tales From my Momma's Table by Rick Bragg. I am enjoying it very much, even though it's taking me forever to read it! I'm listening to Tom Hanks read Uncommon Type: Some Stories, though I haven't been listening much lately... I think I'm in a quiet period right now!



I think this looks like the perfect FALL Camp scarf! I always make my Hitchhikers long and this is even longer - the better to wrap around and keep you warm!


Ooooooo! I love that teal stripe added to the mix! A little visual surprise is pretty much my favorite thing. LOVE. XO

Robby H.

That's a pretty spiffy scarf, and it will make a lovely spot of color as the darker months continue.


Wow, you are an FO machine! I love the colors and the size - looks like the perfect piece to wear with all kinds of things (plus squishy and warm)!


Oh, wow Vicki! That is gorgeous! AND I LOVE THE YARN!!! That shawl really is a lovely shape for wearing. Hmmm, I might need to add that one to my queue!


I love the shawl, but I love the colors you used more! When you can dye your own yarn you have a little better control over the overall feel of the project and it shows. Just in time for the weather changes you have a new, fun, unique shawl to keep your neck and shoulders warm!


That's a wonderful shawl and the colors are really fantastic together!


That shawl is gorgeous!


Beautiful finish! Love the teal - stroke of genius!!


Beautiful...and you wear well! And I love the 1SE video...your "grands" are adorable.
Happy Weekend!

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