One of the things I always have with me is tissue -- usually those little packs that fit easily into a pocket or purse. So I really loved the very useful little gift that Kathy gave me YEARS ago, and I used it almost everyday... until I lost it!


But, last week, when I stuck my hand into the pocket of my winter coat for the first time this "winter," I found it! Oh happy day! It made me almost as happy as when I've done that and found $10 or $20!

Haha. Almost.   :)


Robby H.

Oh my, it was a day to celebrate when I got a pair of jeans out of the laundry and found money in the pockets when I was in college! Sadly, all my tissues now come in these packets that fold shut instead of those swell popup kind. Enjoy your recent 'find'.


Happy Day, indeed! (I guess there wasn't a $10 or $20 bill stashed in that cute little tissue sock along with tissues, huh?)


I was all set to have the story end with finding $20 AND your tissue holder! :-)

Robin Fremer

Time to celebrate with a glass of wine!


That is just perfect! I was thinking about making something to put tissues in too... I love the little zipped bag in Making Black and White! But, this is adorable!


It's amazing what's "lost" in the pockets of winter coats! Last week we cleaned out the coat closet and, therefore, several pockets from coats we were donating and some of the "finds" were hilarious and others gave us several ah ha moments.


I have one from Kathy, too. I hope I never lose mine -- but if I do, I'm going to check in my pockets first! XO


I just love when things like that happen! Hooray!


Winning! I found a much beloved lost necklace this summer while cleaning. I almost cried!

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