Thing 1 -- I dropped a Wonder Clip the other night, heard it skitter on the floor, and got up to look for it -- twice. I didn't come up with it, but I did find an earring that I'd lost weeks ago! I was beginning to think it was truly lost and had already bought a cheap (but rather nice) knock-off pair -- because they're practically part of my uniform.

Thing 2 -- There's only one pair of Mukluks left to sew up! They're the biggest, but between Knit Night & tonight's Packer game, I ought to be able to get them done today!

Thing 2b -- What to knit next???

Thing 3 -- Dyeing.


I spent Tuesday morning down there and it was glorious -- the light on a sunny morning is so great! Looking forward to some dye time this weekend. It sure helps to brighten up a cold November day.

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Your house is becoming quite the mecca of lost things found ... I wonder if the fingerless mitt I lost in Vienna might show up under one of your sofa cushions? and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that yarn in the last photo. off to stalk Make_do!


Hooray for finding a missing earring, I love when that happens! That dye pot of yarn looks positively wonderful.


Beautiful yarns!! Yay for a found earring. Anxious for mukluk shots...on the feet!


Oh lovely yarns there! What kind of dye are you using as I want to do some shibori this winter. Have you ever used the Indigo kit from Dharma Trading Co?


I always find things a day or two later when I step on them! Love the colors in your dye pot!


I've never seen the dying process--that's a fascinating Thing 3.


Lovely yarn, and I'm also looking forward to a modeled Mukluk photo!


So it took a bit to realize, oh yeah there isn't a "Love" button to click here. Shows where I spend my time. But I sure do love the look of that yarn you are dyeing.


OOO! That yarn is amazing Vicki!

And, yay for found items! XO


I've lost a diamond earring and I swear it's in my room! Glad you found yours. And yes...that yarn is amazing!


The yarn looks luscious! You have such wonderful color sense. :-)
And YAY for found things -- especially favorite earrings!

Robin F.

OH OH OH that orange red color is gorgeous!!!! Will it be for sale?

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