Yep. I forgot to blog yesterday! I made that realization in the middle of the night, but I did not lose any sleep over it. Heh.

Yesterday was FULL!

I ran some errands in the morning, which included a little socializing with the local spinning/fiber group. And by a little, I mean around :45! It was on my route, though, and it worked out.

Then the kiddos came over so Mom & Dad could do a little kid-free shopping and they even grabbed a bite to eat together.

Ginny & Junah helped me with some new fall decor:


We played and had snacks and watched a movie.


Malina is sitting up so great that I thought I could try the booster seat high chair thingy, and she did great! What do you think, what is that face telling us... does she like avocado??


I gave all the kids their mukluks, but this is the only photo I got. I kept them all here, though, so I'll try again on Thursday! Bonus: 5-year-old Baby Leggings that I originally knit for Junah!

It's a sunny morning -- the kind of morning that I love best in the studio -- so off I go! I'll be back with the real "18" later... unless I forget!!



clearly, life had better plans for you (than blogging) yesterday! and I must say, Life was Right! (and cute!!) Can't wait to see what you cook up in the studio today!

Robby H.

I could be wrong, but I think Malina is wondering where the chips and salsa are to go with the avocado. I mean, I'd be wondering about the tequila, but she looks more responsible than me.


Mukluks and baby leggings go great together!


In the first picture the pudgy little knees under the knit leggings just stole my heart! I would say the avocado isn't a hit, but that could be a fake out. She's about as cute as kids come!

Robin F

A day well spent! The Grands get cuter and cuter. Mukluks look comfy- the leggings have held up well!!
I'll bet Mom and Dad enjoyed their 'alone' time.


Making memories are always better than making blog posts!

What a perfect day! And, those Mukluks!! Gah! The cuteness!!


If Malina is like Jack she might love avocado one day and hate it the next!


Oh my gosh! Mukluks and leggings - PERFECT! All of the kids' faces are just so precious. I'm thinking Malina was looking for chips and salsa (as Robby said)...and maybe a margarita too!!

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