Eight weeks ago, having recently let my WW membership lapse, I was recruited by Kate to join her in a commitment to eat better and lose some weight. So I reacquainted myself with my Lose It app and we started planning & logging (the key to success no matter the program)! We coordinate dinners as much as we can and mostly cook & eat at home! It can be tiresome... sometimes I think we need something new in rotation, and not just a dish, a big new actual palatable, main-dishable ingredient thing... but we're managing. We're not doing any one thing, just buying, preparing & eating Real Good Food.

There's only one scale in the house and it happens to be in Kate's apartment, so once every week or so, on the weekend or my day off, before breakfast & getting dressed, I wrap a scarf 'round my neck and step into some boots (not even bothering to zip/tie) and dash outside & up the stairs in my bathrobe for a weigh-in.

I've lost 10.6 pounds since then. Not setting the world on fire, but that's OK! I've done some traveling, some socializing, some celebrating, and still... my clothes fit better (ok, yes, I'm talking about jeans) and I feel better, win-win.


I don't have any other photos to show today, so you get yarn. These are in the shop now. There's more on the drying rack, and an order arriving at the end of the week!



Good for you! I have the WW app but I've been pretty lax about tracking food.


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful yarn!
And good for you and Kate with your commitment to good and healthy eating!!! (And 10.6 pounds is a great way to get things rolling.) Bravo!

Robby H.

I've been ever so slowly losing a little by using My Fitness Pal as a journal. I haven't been wildly disciplined, but I'm down 5 lbs without feeling deprived. I decided that slow is how I put it on, so slow is a reasonable expectation, especially since I haven't needed to be obsessed to make it happen. Winter is harder for me to get movement in, but using veggie heavy soups as my "new salad" for lunch helps a lot. It's a hot meal that makes me feel like I've eaten, and the bonus is that I can freeze a whole pot in daily portions. Congrats on your progress.

That top yarn is gorgeous. You have a wonderful eye for color.


Tracking is key! I have been using Lose It as well... and have not hit the 10 lb mark yet, so GO YOU!!!


Congratulations! 10.6 lbs is impressive - especially at this time of the year (when I move less and hibernate more...). Your yarn is so beautiful!

Robin F

10+ lost pounds is a great accomplishment! Enjoy Thanksgiving! Love the yarns


10.6 pounds gone and beautiful yarn dyed are both wonderful things! Time for me to take a look at the Lose It app ...


Yay you (and Kate)! Good food + pretty yarn = much to celebrate!


You dyeing, you selling yarn, you making it so easy to click, I'm going to have a problem.

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