Today in {yesterday's} screenshots!

Maddy & Viv saw Fleetwood Mac in Portland last night!! Heyyyy! I don't know quite how I feel about the 50 years part of Fleetwood Mac - 50 Years - Don't Stop, but what a collection.

Rusty wanted a screenshot of his Instagram page yesterday to insert into his most recent email to subscribers. He's got the hang of IG and has been posting more frequently, so wants to promote it more. He said, "Maybe you could help me when you get home." Haha. In about 3 seconds, it was in his in-box.

I love taking screenshots, especially from the more fleeting platforms such as Snapchat and IG stories -- the trick is catching them before they disappear, and I don't always make it. It's like a little game...



I've been trying to get Dale to use Instagram, good for Rusty!

Robby H.

I would think an artist would take to IG like a duck to water.


50 years of Fleetwood Mac?! I think you made some sort of typo there!


Good for Rusty! (And now I'm off to follow . . . )
Tom and I saw Fleetwood Mac a couple of years ago. It was great timing -- because Christine McVie had just joined the tour again, and it was before Lindsey Buckingham took a break. I also saw them in 1977 -- which will forever be my favorite concert ever. XO


I'm in awe that Kym saw Fleetwood Mac in 1977 ... and that Maddy got to see them in 2018.


I have been LOVING seeing Rusty share his amazing works! Tell him it is much appreciated!

And, I refuse to think of Fleetwood Mac at 50... impossible! LOL


How many times (50 years ago) did I see Fleetwood Mac? I CAN'T REMEMBER! LOL Let's just say, I'm so over them. Rusty's IG page is a great one to follow!

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