I had to do some straightening up this morning because the cleaning ladies were coming. It's just a happy circumstance that it's the day before Thanksgiving! (And it'll be just a few days before Christmas!)

Rusty helped bring the tree upstairs this morning, worried that a painting project he had planned in the basement would be in the way later.

My check & cleaning at the dentist went great. My hygienist is a brand new mom just back to work this week, so we were even chattier than usual.

My chiropractor appointment went well. After suspecting that she was pregnant my last two visits, today it was confirmed!!

I had time for a quick lunch and a thrift store stop (nothing good), and then my re-check mammogram appointment... which I was not too worried about but still not exactly excited about, either.


I've taken better selfies, but I think you can tell that things went OK! I barely sat down after the first two images were taken, while the radiologist took a look to determine whether ultrasound was needed, when the technician came in and said that there was NOTHING THERE. Yahoo.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Robby H.

Ah, much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! And I am envying you the cleaning ladies the day before Thanksgiving... and I am not even hosting. I have been cooking all week though, so cleaning is needed.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Perfect timing, Vicki! And . . . such great, great news about the re-check! XOXO


LOTS to be thankful for in this post!! XOXO


Excellent news on the re-check! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you too! XO


Smiling in pink, and NOTHING THERE! That's wonderful and something to be very thankful for. XO


You had quite a productive day, made all the better by the good news at your mammo appointment! Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and your family!


That mammo appointment was the best pre-Thanksgiving news - ENJOY today!!

Robin F

All that good health news, so much to be thankful for-Hope you and yours have a happy Thanksgiving Day.


Great non-news! Thankful that my blogging friend is healthy. Have a peaceful day.

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