Now that I'm getting older...


I need a bigger TV! Haha. I guess it doesn't look all that big in the photo, but it's 50" vs. our old 32". I bought the 32" because it was the biggest that would fit in our entertainment center and I wasn't ready to give that up. Now I am. It's a nice piece of furniture and, for now, it's going to be repurposed into yarn storage. It'll also make my workroom look nicer.

Seriously, though, mine eyes!! Ugh. That is the absolute worst thing about getting older. I hate it.

There's a lot of rearranging to do, as obviously I don't have a single piece of furniture that's wide enough to accommodate that new TV! The old TV, entertainment center & accessories are all still where they were -- because what if I didn't like the new one? We'll watch the Packers tonight on the "big screen"!

I found my knitting machines stashed behind the entertainment center!


Robby H.

I think those monster TVs (all the better to see you with my dear) are often hung on a wall because there really isn't much in the way of furniture for them. Enjoy the game!


We're One of Those People ... our "big" TV hangs on the wall (over the fireplace ;-) I do love watching things Big when I want to - but the best part of this post was that you "found" your knitting machines! any plans to put them back into action?


We broke down and purchased a GIANT tv last spring -- and now I watch a whole lot more TV. ;-) We have a big, built-in cabinet/shelving/counter in our family room. There is a "designated" TV "hole' in it -- but it is for circa 1989 TVs, so now it is just a big bookshelf/decorative area. BUT . . . the ample countertop serves perfectly for our new TV! :-)


Ah, you found a rabbit hole or two! I think you'll be very busy until that entertainment/cabinet issue is settled. I'm wondering what the answer is to Mary's question.


We love our big flat screen although Dale says he wants an even bigger one! Hanging it on the wall has worked really well for our small living room.


I live in the land of the big TV... and Steve is always wanting a bigger one! We found IKEA to be the motherland of all TV furniture!

Robin F

Yay for finding your knitting machine. Enjoy the game- will your wall support a TV holder?


We also live in the land of the big t.v. and yes I'm sure the next will be bigger! And yay for finding!

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