On Sunday, I helped Kate pick out her tree. Delivery was free!! Rusty helped her haul it upstairs and set it in the stand, and I watched her decorate it.


She's using a lot of vintage ornaments that were my mom's, and found a cute tinsel garland at the thrift store.


Some old are more fragile than others and remained in the box. Mom had quite a collection of these pot/lantern things, though, so a fair number are actually on the tree!


I love those old ornament boxes! I'll post a pic of her tree in its full glory. 

Tomorrow, we're off on an adventure,.. stay tuned!



I only have a couple of my Mom's ornaments, so it's lovely to see so many of your mother's! I love the colors, designs, and how a couple of those in the top picture look like tea pots!


I have ornaments like this from my mom and they are some of my most treasured Christmas decorations. Have fun on your adventure!


Beautiful! I have some ornaments from my Nana but I no longer put them up for fear they will break.


That tree is gorgeous! I love the shiny brights.

Robin F

The ornaments are so unique- love the tree. Enjoy your adventure - keep warm.


Those vintage glass ornaments are my favorite! (well, along with vintage bird ornaments) ... how wonderful to see your mom's ornaments decorating another generation of trees!


Beautiful tree! We have some old (from my parents) ornaments like those. I love them. More than a few have been broken over the years (some by cats and some the year the tree tipped over in the middle of the night!).


I grew up with many of the same beautiful glass ornaments! Can't wait to see the tree in it's full glory!

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