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Back in the day, Saturday Sky was a THING... amongst many knit-bloggers, at any rate.


I think of "Saturday Sky" and Sandy, the "founder," if you will, almost any time I take a photo of the sky. There she is a couple of Saturdays ago (with a little sky peeking through) sandwiched between Cara & me.

Here are a few of my recent faves (none of these actually taken on Saturday, haha!):


According to the location feature on my phone, this photo was taken above Indiana on my way home from Rhinebeck. I just happened to glance out and spotted the moon, and the dusky glow of day-into-night. (Edited to remove reflections in the window.)


This was one of the weirdest/eeriest skies I've ever seen. I was at work and the camera is facing SE-ish, so it's morning and there's blue sky and a nice bright sun, but you can see on the right and overhead that there is a looming gray mass and it filled the entire sky behind me (west) and was closing in north & south, too. It was dark and light and weird and wonderful (to a sky-watcher)!


I took a walk to the credit union on Halloween with Kate and we were struck by the glow of this maple in front of my friend Susan's house. I'm not sure she saw us... Trick-or-Treat time was just about to begin and perhaps she just thought we were two goons out on the sidewalk!


It was pretty spectacular (and, y'know, soon to be bare branches), especially that gorgeous blue sky peeking through yellow leaves.



Lovely! And, thank you for that tiny bit of "sky Saturday" history! I did not know this at all!

Beautiful photos!


I always think of Sandy and Margene when I take sky photos. Yours are beautiful, particularly with those glowing yellow leaves as contrast to the vibrant blue sky.

Robin F.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures! no changing leaves in FL. We know it's autumn when the license plates change color! At least I saw autumn leaves up north in Oct.


I love your beautiful and eerie skies and glowing leaves!


I used to participate in Saturday Sky. Maybe I'll start doing that again. I love all your photos.


Beautiful photos, Vicki! and YAY YOU for NaBloPoMo!!


What a beautiful tree! Saturday Sky is new to me, but what a fun idea.

Christy Clark

Oh I remember Saturday Sky! Recently I have been longing for the old days of knit blogging. I think I’ll go post my NaBloPoMo for the day and include a sky. :)


That eerie one really is eerie, but beautiful also. Vibrant gold in those leaves - gorgeous!


I love the first photo! There is that envy again. I can hear the hum of the airplane as your first photo takes me right back to the way it feels to fly at night. The ominous sky is very cool! I love watching a storm come in and surround and the way it surrounds the ares. Your golden photos are gorgeous! We have many trees that color, but they aren't quite that vibrant this year (no moisture). Autumn is so glorious!


That Sandy is the best! (I work in the town she grew up in.) This weekend we had some spectacular light and we were in the woods and the yellows were so yellow and the greens were glowing...there was no way to photograph it and do it justice! The yellow and blue in your shot is amazing!

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